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Studio lights for smartphones Profoto C1 & C1 Plus

The Profoto C1 and C1 Plus are our first studiolights for smartphones. Connect them to the Profoto Camera app using our Bluetooth enabled technology AirX, and your are ready to start creating professional looking images with just a simple click on the little white capturing button. The light the C1 product range delivers is natural looking and beautiful with a soft, gentle fall-off, and that’s partly because of the shape. Each light is round, like the sun.

The best news, however, is that the Profoto C1 and C1 Plus are incredibly easy to use, allowing you to have fun, to play with light and shadow, and be as creative as you can be. And since they are so small, you can take them with you everywhere. So, from now on you will always have natural-looking, beautiful light with you. Anytime, anywhere.

What's the difference between C1 and C1 Plus?

The C1 and C1 Plus are siblings and the similarities are many: They both enable you to create professional images easily, they deliver beautiful and natural-looking light on the go, anytime, anywhere. And they give you limitless possibilities to play with light and be creative. The main thing that sets them apart is that the C1 Plus has a little more of everything.

Profoto C1
- 1600 lumens of power output - 4 warm and 3 cold LEDs - Built-in dome diffuser
Profoto C1 Plus
- 4300 lumens of power output - 10 warm and 10 cold LEDs - Click-on magnetic mount for Clic light shaping tools - Built-in button for switching continuous light on/off - Built-in buttons to adjust power and color temperature - Built-in thread mount for stands and arms - Compatible with any Profoto AirTTL Remote

Video tutorials for smartphone photography

The C1 and C1 Plus and the Profoto Camera are super easy to use. Still, it doesn’t hurt to have a little inspiration to get you on your way to more creative and professional images.
How to create professional images with your smartphone
Light is the key to more professional-looking images and here you’ll discover six hacks to create beautiful light.
How to create a professional outdoor portrait
The sun is unpredictable, but here you’ll discover the secret to shooting portraits anytime, anywhere with the C1 and C1 Plus.
How to create a great selfie
Kiss goodbye to the boring flat images with these tips that demonstrate how light and direction can add sizzle to the selfie.
How to create a professional indoor portrait
Light can create mood and drama, and with the C1 and C1 Plus you can too by following these easy tips.
How to create delicious food photography
Just six straightforward steps will show you how light will have food looking as good as it tastes.
How to get started
It’s all incredibly easy and intuitive, but we thought we’d show you anyway.
The idea behind the lights An introduction to the world of smartphone lighting
The idea behind the lights

An introduction to the world of smartphone lighting

Profoto Clic accessories

Discover even more creative possibilities with your C1 Plus

Grids & Gels

Light shaping is the key to creating amazing images. Profoto Clic light shaping tools add great creative possibilities to the Profoto C1 Plus. Clic Gels add color to your images. Clic Grids reduce the light spread, controls stray light and adds contrast and drama. Clic Dome diffuses the light for a soft and crisp light, with smooth and natural fall-off. You can combine them as you wish and all click on and off the Profoto C1 Plus’ magnetic mount in no time.

Profoto Clic Creative Gel Kit

Play with colors
$179.00 CAD

Profoto Clic Dome

Diffuses the light for a soft and crisp light
$69.00 CAD
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