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How Eclipse blends the worlds of efficiency and creativity

16 August, 2023

Written by: Annabelle Plueckthun

In the fast-paced world of fashion e-commerce, maintaining a competitive edge is crucial for success. An innovative shoes and accessories retailer found a game-changing solution in Profoto's revolutionary automated content creation tool, Eclipse. Read on to discover how the brand uses Eclipse to produce elevated e-commerce content and allows for lots of creativity in its content creation process while drastically lowering its time-to-market.

Challenges in e-commerce content creation

Before embracing Eclipse, our featured brand faced several challenges in its content creation process. Committed to delivering high-quality products, they needed equally high-quality visuals to showcase their offering effectively. Their traditional studio setup, however, often led to delays in content production, hindering their ability to swiftly bring new products to market. “We had the ambition to scale our content creation and dive into new markets that needed different types of content. With our studio set-up, we kept running into issues and everything just took a lot longer than we felt it needed to,” says the Studio Manager.

The brand's creative team was eager to experiment with innovative photo and video styles, angles, and props to captivate their diverse audience. But balancing these creative aspirations with the practicalities of traditional photography setups became increasingly challenging.

Studio automation frees up time for creativity

The introduction of Profoto's StyleShoots Eclipse completely transformed the brand's content creation journey. Eclipse not only addressed their existing challenges but also provided them with many exciting possibilities. “With the investment in Eclipse, we suddenly realized how we can automate the rather boring e-commerce content creation process with helpful presets. All we need to do is push one button and the system runs through a process that captures images and videos. It’s all standardized and makes our listing pages look super clean.” 

With Eclipse, the brand's creative team found the flexibility they had longed for. “The time that we save with automating the boring stuff, we can use for experimenting with new ideas and trends to shoot more exciting creative content for our website or campaigns.” The system's automated features streamlined the content creation process, enabling the team to produce exceptional product images and videos with remarkable speed. This newfound efficiency meant that the brand could showcase its latest collections on its e-commerce platform much sooner, enabling them to engage with customers and generate sales promptly.

Elevated e-commerce and beyond: blending creativity and efficiency

The transformation extended beyond product pages. Eclipse empowered the brand’s creative team to explore new ways in their marketing campaigns and social media presence. Armed with the ability to quickly respond to trends by producing diverse and captivating content, the brand's marketing team unleashed their creativity. “We used to do a lot in Photoshop because actually styling the product was always really cumbersome. With Eclipse, we can play around with lighting and use magnets inside the system to hold props. We also like to add external light sources, gels, and mirrors to achieve different effects.” 

The brand’s journey is an amazing example of how creativity and efficiency can go hand in hand. By embracing the cutting-edge capabilities of Eclipse, the studio team achieved a harmonious blend of both worlds, yielding high-quality content with a fast time-to-market while appealing to their customers and having fun at the same time.


Written by: Annabelle Plueckthun

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