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Profoto is perfect for e-commerce content creation

25 October, 2022

Deciding to purchase assets like automated Profoto systems for your business is not only an investment in productivity, but one in assurance of a quality job and knowledge of a profitable season ahead. We’ve compiled a cheat sheet of some of the key stats on how Profoto can revolutionize your business. 

2.5x More Space-Efficient

Profoto systems come with built-in lights, computer, software, iPad, camera and more. Compact turnkey solutions that save space in your studio.

Produce 4x More Photos. Daily.

Increase daily output of imagery up to 4x times compared to a traditional studio setup. Keep feeding all your sales channels with fresh content.

1/10 cost per image

Automated Profoto systems can cut your costs by 5x per image short term and up to 9x over 3 years. For automated video production, it’s up to 20x lower cost.

Extreme reduction in post-processing

All Profoto systems are excellent at taking stills and videos in a way that requires very little post-processing. With the Profoto solutions, you can use presets, adjust lighting, and cut out the background as you go, saving vast amounts of time and effort. Having your product videos auto-edited in real time saves you days in post processing.

Up to 99% uptime

Unlike a traditional studio setup, Profoto systems come as a turn-key solution. Our choice of top-tier hardware and software assure a smooth experience throughout. The systems were built for continuous production, making sure you get your job done. Using reliable equipment allows your employees to get the job done right.

ROI in as little as 90 days

Creating high-quality imagery is more affordable than you think. By investing in an automated Profoto solution, you will start saving time and money instantly in your content production. Our customers have seen Return on Investment just by using Profoto equipment in 90 days or less.

3 min, not 3 days

The automated Profoto systems automatically record and edit videos of your products. What would normally take up to 3 days for editing, takes about 3 minutes with a Profoto solution.


Products used in this story

Profoto StyleShoots Horizontal

Premium flat lays and background-free packshots.

Profoto StyleShoots Vertical

Background-free mannequin packshots and hanging flat lays.

Profoto StyleShoots Live

One set for dynamic, high-quality on-model videos and stills.