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Innovation and patents at Profoto

At Profoto we invest heavily in R&D on an annual basis. We have more than 50 engineers and software developers working in Stockholm to continuously design and create more user-friendly, innovative solutions for our customers. Always with the same goal – to enhance the overall performance and user experience for image creators all over the world.

Annually this results in a number of innovations and patents that we pride ourselves on, that we are happy to bring to the market. We truly believe in never being fully satisfied. We always believe we can do better - whether that be by taking baby steps or significant strides. We’re continually evaluating and improving our products over time. The launch of the Profoto A1X is the most recent example of this.

The creation of Profoto A1 and its successor the A1X was not easy and did not come cheap. During the four years of its development, there were many challenges that Profoto overcame by establishing several new technical solutions and advancements. Here are some of the innovations we have filed patent applications for:

1. Dual LED-Modelling Light (Patent Pending)

A smart artificial and zoomable model light system. This innovation enables the modelling light to mimic the flash light spread in every position to assist the photographer in the creation of light setups. This is the first time ever that this feature is available on an on-camera flash.

2. Straight Tube in a Round Head (Patent Pending)

Our straight flash tubes in a round head deliver natural, beautiful light. This innovation brings an authentically beautiful shape and fall-off of the light from an on-camera flash.

3. Smart Magnetic Mount (Patent Pending)

Thanks to a smart magnetic mount integrated into the head, single or multiple light-shaping modifiers can be clicked on and off quickly and easily. Meaning that within seconds, you'll be working with light, being creative with it and truly shaping it.

4. Infrared Cooling System (Patent Pending)

The infrared mirroring heat reduction system is an innovation that delivers the incredible recycling speed of the Profoto A1X and A1 without any risk of overheating. Thus ensuring that the image creator will never miss a shot.

5. Manual Zoom Ring (Patent Pending)

Innovative and super easy to use zoom ring light control. This innovation grants the user fast and precise beam control of the flash.

6. Rapid Engagement System (Patent Pending)

The Li-ion batteries for A1 and A1X are exchangeable through our rapid engagement system. This innovation enables quick and safe swapping of batteries for photographers on the go.