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Profoto Creative Automation: Innovative e-commerce solutions

14 March, 2023

At Euroshop, the world's leading retail fair, Profoto proudly announced the launch of an innovative new concept: Profoto Creative Automation - enabling higher sales conversion, faster time to market and lower returns.

Born out of our customers’ need for elevated product content made cost-efficient and with faster time to market, Profoto Creative Automation represents a new paradigm in high-quality, high-volume e-commerce content production. By combining the power and efficiency of automation with professional lights and light shaping tools, Profoto has created a system that can deliver stunning, consistent results for e-commerce.  

This enables brands to design and set up their signature style using our Creative Automation system. Once this is done, a stylist can use the solution to easily and efficiently shoot multiple types of content with one setup. Using smart lighting and framing presets ensures consistent output and increases efficiency and productivity on set. 

"With Profoto Creative Automation, we further commit to providing a one-stop solution for e-commerce content studios," said Anders Hedebark, CEO of Profoto. "Our system allows creatives to produce versatile, high-quality content fast, enabling an increase in sales and a faster time to market."  

With the launch of Profoto Creative Automation, we are excited to introduce Profoto Elevate.  

Profoto Elevate is our powerful iPad-controlled photo and video studio, combining Profoto professional lighting with a motion-controlled camera. Designed for studio e-commerce shoots, Profoto Elevate runs on our trusted ProStudio software, making it the perfect tool to capture high-quality visual content at scale. 

Profoto Elevate will be available in Q1 2024. For more information, visit the Profoto Creative Automation page.

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