Feel the freedom with our cordless Off-Camera Flashes

Imagine taking the best of a speedlight and the best of a monolight and bringing those elements together in one revolutionary new breed of flash. That’s what we did to create the Profoto range of off-camera flashes. Their cordless operation and revolutionary AirTTL technology allows you to shoot fully automatic in TTL mode and use High-Speed Sync (HSS) to shape light in broad daylight.

Experience the ease of shaping light on location when you have a powerful light in a compact size and dedicated OCF Light Shaping Tools that are designed for mobility and ease of use. Together, the benefits of the off-camera flashes and their accessories bring a whole new way of shooting that sets you, and your creativity free. Choose between the B1X – an on-location favorite among photographers worldwide and the smaller B2 – a super portable flash for photographers on the move.

  • The on location
  • The lightweight
    Super mobile
  • Profoto B1X
    The best-selling battery-powered TTL flash

    Ideal for on-location photography, the Profoto B1X sets the benchmark once again for cordless, battery-powered monolights. And with both TTL and HSS available, you’re guaranteed the best light shaping experience possible on location, anywhere. It’s power in all the right places.

    Recommended for: On-location photography
    Popular applications: Portrait, Wedding, Sports and action
    Variants: 500Ws

  • Profoto B2
    The portable TTL flash for photographers on the move

    Location shooting is famously unpredictable, so it’s important to be quick on your feet and fast to adapt. With the versatile, portable and battery-powered Profoto B2 with TTL and HSS you become mobile and always stay one step ahead of the action.

    Variants Recommended for: On-location photography
    Popular applications: Portrait, Wedding, Event
    Variants: 250Ws


Help me choose

Follow our short guide below to find the right off-camera flash for your need.


Why choose the B1X?

Choose the B1X and you get a cordless, battery-powered monolight with TTL and HSS. The B1X is manageable 3 kg of reliable power and speed that gives you the freedom and flexibility to shoot anything, anywhere.


Why choose the B2?

Go for the B2 if you need to stay moving and be very mobile. The small and lightweight B2 with TTL and HSS, is easy to move or handhold, perfect to put around your shoulder if you shoot without an assistant.


How much power do I need?

The 250Ws of light you get with the B2 is more than enough in most situations. However, getting 500Ws with the B1X is a real bonus when you shoot in challenging sunny conditions.

Go behind the scenes Power in all the right places

Power in all the right places

Tim Kemple uses the powerful B1X and the OCF Hard Reflectors to capture a series of stunning images on the island of Mallorca
Go behind the scenes Vicky Papas’ enchanting couture portraits with the Profoto B1X and the OCF Beauty Dish

Vicky Papas’ enchanting couture portraits with the Profoto B1X and the OCF Beauty Dish

Go behind the scenes Chan Kit tells a Hong Kong love story

Chan Kit tells a Hong Kong love story

Chan Kit creates passionate couple portraits under four different lighting conditions with the Profoto B2 and the OCF Beauty Dish
Go behind the scenes Be creative everywhere

Be creative everywhere

Michael Anthony creates three dramatic wedding portraits with different Profoto OCF lighting set-ups
Go behind the scenes Pauline Darley shoots fashion in Paris

Pauline Darley shoots fashion in Paris

With Profoto B2 and Sony a7R II
Add ons

Accessorize your Off-Camera Flash

The more lighting options you have, the more light shaping control and creativity you have at your disposal. The off-camera flashes are part of our AirTTL system and offer a range of high-end lighting options, access to more than 120 light modifiers and premium designed bags to get everything to location quickly and easily.

Photo: Karl Gough

Profoto Air

Profoto Air Remotes allow you to sync and control your flash straight from your camera, providing full control of power, the modeling light and the capability to trigger several flashes up to 300 m away. The popular AirTTL remotes allow you to shoot in automatic TTL mode and shape light in broad daylight with HSS.

Air Remote TTL

Wirelessly connects your AirTTL light with your camera

Air Remote

Syncs and manually controls any Profoto Air light
View all Air Remotes
Photo: Laurent Hini

OCF Light Shaping Tools

Shape exceptional light from our off-camera flashes with our range of lightweight and portable, easy to use light modifiers. Soft light, hard light, flattering light, dramatic light – this is how it’s done.

OCF Zoom Reflector

Adds power to our flat fronted lights

OCF Softbox Rectangular

A popular, versatile softbox for off-camera flashes

OCF Beauty Dish White

A portable beauty dish for off-camera flashes
View all light shaping tools
Photo: Karl Gough


Custom bags to pack all your important gear in; cables, flashtubes and glass covers. The bits and pieces that bring it all together.

BackPack M

A handy backpack to bring your lights on location

Car Charger 1.8A

A car charger for the B1/B1X and B2 batteries

Compact Stand

A compact aluminum stand
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