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Air Software

Control your Profoto Air flashes wirelessly from your Mac or PC. Read more

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Profoto A1X

The world’s smallest studio light
From $1,475.00 CAD

Profoto A1

The world’s smallest studio light
From $795.00 CAD

Profoto Off-Camera Kit

The Profoto Off-Camera Kit is simplicity personified. Profoto Connect and the A1X; a powerful and easy to use combination. Used together with the Profoto app it gives you seamless control and freedom to bring your vision to life. Anytime, anywhere.
From $1,595.00 CAD

Profoto Connect

The button-free trigger
From $399.00 CAD

Air Remote TTL

Wirelessly connects your AirTTL light with your camera
From $599.00 CAD

Air Remote

Syncs and manually controls any Profoto Air light
$479.00 CAD

Air Sync

Syncs any Profoto Air light
From $369.00 CAD


Controls Profoto Air lights from a Mac or PC
$799.00 CAD