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Mark Seliger on His Iconic Portrait of Lenny Kravitz

01 December, 2014

Written by: Rebecca Ahremark

We recently had the privilege of meeting one of the true masters of portrait photography – Mark Seliger. This resulted in five new videos, in which Seliger shares his thoughts on lighting and portrait photography.

Today, we release the first two videos. You will find both of them at our dedicated Mark Seliger page. There is also an opportunity to win a signed copy of one of Seliger’s much loved photo books on the page.

In the very first video, we get to join Seliger behind-the-scenes on set with his friend and longterm collaborator Lenny Kravitz.

“We share this real interest in photography and music, a very equal exchange,” says Seliger. “There’s that saying: you’re only as good as your last photograph. You never settle for things just being mediocre and satisfactory, but always pushing to get to the next place and that’s rather similar to the way musicians think too and Lenny is very much about recreating himself.”

Watch all videos and sign up for a chance to win a Seliger photo book here.

Written by: Rebecca Ahremark