Mark Wallace on One Light Portraiture | Profoto (CA)

Mark Wallace on One Light Portraiture

14 March, 2014

Written by: Fredrik Franzén

Hey, sorry we are a little late with this one. But now it is up and running: the recorded video from our webinar on one light portraiture.

Click play, sit back and let Mark Wallace guide you through the many different portrait looks you can achieve with just a single light source. It’s an hour full of tips and tricks and there’s something there for everyone, regardless of style, taste and previous knowledge.

Our next webinar will be held this Wednesday, 19. The subject will be high-key and low-key lighting.

We promise to publish the recorded version of the upcoming webinar  a little faster than this one, but the fastest and most fun way to participate is, of course, to see it live.

Written by: Fredrik Franzén