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Profoto B2

Can I charge the B2 while I’m shooting?
Yes, the charger can be connected while the generator is in use. However, note that the battery gets hot when shooting. To ensure a long battery lifetime, the battery is designed with built-in over-temperature protection. When the battery temperature protection is activated, the battery cannot resume charging until it has cooled down to a safe temperature. We recommend removing the B2 Carrying bag when shooting with chargers.

Which Light Shaping Tools are compatible with the B2?
Use the dedicated OCF Light Shaping Tools or any of the Light Shaping Tools from the extensive Profoto light shaping system. Note that Hard Box or Narrow Beam Reflectors are not recommended. They are optimized for Pro- and Acute/D4 flash heads. 

Can I replace the flash tube myself?
No, the B2 flash tube is not end user replaceable. If the flash tube is broken then the flash head should be sent to an authorized service station. 

Can I travel with the B2?
Yes, you can travel with the B2. The battery is classified as a Li-Ion battery and is approved by airlines in most cases. Travel documents can be found here: Air travel with the Li-Ion battery for B2. 

How can I check the firmware version and which USB cable do I need to upgrade my B2?
To check the firmware version, press both buttons for model light and keep them pressed down while you start the generator by pressing the “on” button.
B2 requires a Micro USB for firmware upgrades and is included in all B2 kits.
To access the latest free upgrades, create your personal account on Once you have an account you can also choose to register your products and receive notifications about when new upgrades are released.

I’m thinking of using the LED modeling light for video. What is the color temperature?
The battery provides 90 minutes of full power modeling light (with one head), so that is totally possible. The LED modeling light has the same color temperature as a tungsten lamp: 3,000K. 

What is the battery capacity of the B2?
The battery capacity is 215 full power flashes or up to 1.5hr LED modeling lamp (one head). 

Does the B2 have HSS?
Yes, the B2 has HSS.

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