Profoto A1

Profoto A1

A1 是如假包换的Profoto灯具,但外形更显小巧。圆形灯头可投射既自然又美丽的光线,营造出柔和平滑的阴影边缘效果。此外,该产品方便易用,可实现超快速回电,其电池的续航能力持久惊人,让您绝不错过任一镜头。它还配备AirTTL,这意味着它可以无缝连接Profoto的其它灯光设备。外出摄影时,无论用作机顶闪光灯还是离机闪光灯,均可随地塑造卓越光线。

A1有两种套装可供选择:包含一个闪光灯的A1,或包含两个闪光灯的Profoto A1 Duo Kit。




A1 for Canon 世界上最小的影室灯具

产品编号: 901201-INT

Profoto A1 设计有塑光功能;同时配置独特的圆形灯头,营造柔和平滑的阴影边缘效果,易于打造自然美丽的光线。A1 还提供有内置 LED 造型灯,方便设置光线,营造完美的光影融合效果,

极其易于使用。大尺寸用户界面,简洁又清晰。如同所有 Profoto 产品,本产品同样直观易用,无需阅读冗长的说明手册,即可理解如何操作。 此外,A1中还内置有AirTTL遥控功能。利用 AirTTL 和 HSS,您即可快速轻松地打造专业效果,同时您还可使用遥控器无缝连接其他 Profoto 闪光灯,并在 A1 上轻松加以控制。

Profoto A1 不仅仅是机顶闪光灯,还可作为单独的离机闪光灯来有效完成任务。A1 拥有专属的内置高容量锂铁电池,其续航时间比AA电池高出四倍之多,且性能始终如一,能够快速充电。因此,您大可放心长时间拍摄。与其它机顶闪光灯相比,A1 的回电速度快出 4 倍 —— 满电情况下,达到每 1.2 秒一次,与您的节拍保持一致。简单来说,绝不让您错过拍摄良机。


  • 圆形灯头,可营造柔和、平滑、自然的阴影边缘效果。
  • AirTTL 和 HSS,可快速获得精美专业的照片。
  • A1 塑光工具的专用智能磁性吸附接口。
  • A1专用的塑光工具。
  • 与灯头一体的 LED 造型灯。
  • 内置Air遥控引闪器。
  • 可充电、可更换的锂铁电池。
  • 1.2 秒回电时间。
  • TTL/MAN 开关。
  • 内置手控电动变焦。
  • 自动对焦 (AF) 辅助。
  • 大尺寸高清显示屏。


  • Product name

    A1 AirTTL-C Unit

  • Product number


Camera compatibility
  • Supported camera models

    1DX Mark II
    1DS Mark III
    5D Mark IV
    5D Mark III
    5D Mark II
    6D Mark II
    7D Mark II
    EOS R*
    Power Shot G3X
    Power Shot G1X Mark III

    * Note that EOS R doesn't support the AF assist on the A1. It will use on-camera LED as AF assist.
    Also note that EOS R frames per second is limited to max 3.0 fps with A1 for Canon on camera (in TTL and Manual).

  • Max energy

    76 Ws

  • Energy range

    9 f-stops (2.0-10)

  • HSS energy range

    9 f-stops (2-10)

  • Recycling time


  • Energy stability

    0.2 f-stop

  • TTL

  • HSS

Modeling light
  • Lamp type


Wireless connectivity
  • Operating range

    Normal sync and remote control up to 300 m (1000 ft).
    TTL and HSS up to 100 m (330 ft).

Additional connections
  • USB

    Yes, USB micro connector for firmware upgrades

  • Firmware upgrade

    USB micro connector for firmware upgrades

  • Battery capacity

    Up to 350 full power flashes

  • Additional note

    Battery charges in up to 80 minutes

  • User upgradeable firmware

  • Digital display


  • Weight

    560 g (1.2 lbs) including battery



A1 AirTTL-C Unit

x 1

Power Cable C7

x 1

Battery Charger for A1

x 1

USB Cable 2.0 Type A to Micro B

x 1


How do I use the A1 as an off-camera light?

Enable ‘Air’ in the menu and select same channel on both transmitting and receiving unit and you are ready to shoot off-camera.

How do I work with High-Speed Sync (HSS) on my Nikon camera?

In the camera, select ‘Auto FP’ and you are ready to use any shutter speed on the camera.

How do I optimize to get maximum frame rates, FPS?

Some cameras restrict maximum speed when using flash on camera. By using ‘X-SYNC’ you can shoot up to 20 frames per second. The X-sync mode only works in manual mode and without High Speed Sync.

Can I use the A1 in wet conditions, as rain or snow?

The A1 is designed to be used in dry conditions and should not be used in rain or snow.

Can I combine the different A1 light modifiers?

Yes, since they are magnetic, you can stack different A1 modifiers together. When using Soft Bounce, please make sure to fit additional modifiers on top on Soft Bounce and not under it. This will make sure best fitting of the Soft Bounce.

How do I best create large, soft lighting with A1?

The easiest way is to use umbrellas to create soft lighting. Use a stand adapter with hot shoe connection and umbrella mount. You can also use Profoto RFi Speedlight Speedring together with the full range of RFi Softboxes.

Can I use A1 off-camera with Sony, Olympus or Fujifilm?

Yes, A1 can be used with full functionality with any Profoto Air Remote TTL on camera. It doesn’t matter which brand A1 is made for when it is used off-camera.

I get over exposed images when shooting in bright conditions even if TTL is enabled?

For Canon users, make sure ‘Hi-S’ is activated. If not, the camera will sync at maximum sync speed which is normally 1/200s or 1/250s. That will normally result in an over exposed image in bright condition. For Nikon users, make sure ‘Auto FP’ is activated in the camera so that a fast shutter speed can be used.

I get black horizontal lines across the image when shooting with LED modeling light?

At some settings the LED will flicker which can result in lines across the image. Follow the instruction ‘Can I use the modeling light on the A1 for video and still images?’ in this FAQ how to set the model light for best result.

The Soft Bounce disconnects too easy when used in combination with other modifiers?

Make sure the Soft Bounce is mounted directly on the A1 head. If you use any modifier in between this will weaken the connection.

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