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Cómo iluminar un fondo

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Parte 3 de 3 de la serie Reglas básicas de la iluminación

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Acerca de este curso

Este curso se imparte en inglés.

David crea inspiradores fondos cinematográficos utilizando una sorprendente configuración de estudio y técnicas de iluminación avanzadas fáciles de aplicar. 

En una sesión en exteriores al amanecer, David utiliza el flash con distintas técnicas de iluminación para realzar el fondo de manera natural y asombrosa. En el escenario final para la sesión de moda, David realiza sus fotografías en un estudio maravillosamente diseñado con una configuración de cuatro flashes. 

En este curso aprenderás la importancia de conocer los distintos tipos de sombras y cómo moldearlas. David te enseñará cómo controlar el patrón de iluminación y cómo afecta al contraste.

Duración: 50 min

Lo que obtendrás con este curso

  • Curso online de modelado de la luz
  • Guía paso a paso descargable
  • Formación basada en escenarios de sesiones fotográficas reales
  • Acceso ilimitado desde todos los dispositivos
Lo que aprenderás

Descubre cómo:

  • Comprender las sombras y cómo moldear las sombras proyectadas
  • Aportar dramatismo a tus retratos realzando los fondos de manera natural y asombrosa
  • Controlar el patrón de iluminación y comprender cómo afecta al contraste de las sombras

Lo que podrías necesitar

Información básica

Equipo recomendado

Para realizar los ejercicios necesitas al menos un flash para uso off-camera.

Para capturar las imágenes finales destacadas de este curso hemos utilizado:

  • 4 x flashes para uso off-camera
  • 1 x strip box con soft grid
  • 1 x strip box con soft grid
  • Geles de color


Conocimientos útiles

  • Nivel de técnica de iluminación: Apto para todos los niveles de conocimiento
  • Nivel de manejo de la cámara: Saber utilizar una cámara en modo manual


Gregory R Morton
05 mayo, 2021

This course is awesome the instructor is great. I have learn a lot watching the videos . This course has really help me in understanding light better.

24 abril, 2021

I liked how the instructor presented the topics and then showed how to do it,I thought that was very informative

Hans Knikman
30 enero, 2021

old explanation and illustration of how to use light and shadow.

Alexander Thompson
01 diciembre, 2020

One of the most informative courses I have seen here so far...

Anthony Ahunon munoz
24 septiembre, 2020

Its really good course starting with the base event if you know is good sometime to refresh. Light is shadow, Shadow is light, Thanks for this good experience

mike k
11 julio, 2020

David is a fantastic teacher - his explanations are clear, his examples good and he is entertaining as well - I am replaying this video for probably the 20th time - there's plenty of meat in this series

Steven Heipel
27 junio, 2020

David is simply a natural teacher, clearly. Combined with his deep understanding of light it makes for the best lighting courses I've ever taken. Thanks much. Looking forward to playing with what I've learned.

26 junio, 2020

Best course on lighting I have ever done, really enjoyed learning principles of lighting rather than a recipe that doesn't necessarily work.

Ken Marks
10 junio, 2020

Like the course, but a few more "real world" shots would help. He did it with his other course.

08 junio, 2020

The explanation is easy to understand.

Yongwoon Shin
25 mayo, 2020

You've learned the amazing technique of lighting to create a background.

16 mayo, 2020

I still get confused at the term "shape the shadow" when it is really changing the shadow edge
I would have liked to see the setup in a little slower motion

31 julio, 2020

Its so advanced. May be not for me

10 mayo, 2020

Hi, I can not find some link to upload a picture to certify. In which way can I do this ?

Yoshiya Yamazaki
10 abril, 2020


Troy Wayrynen
08 febrero, 2020

I enjoyed the depth of information of this course.

08 febrero, 2020


25 enero, 2020

Would be great to have a pdf to follow after the course when doing the assignments.

Cacelein cacun
14 febrero, 2020

Please add spanish subtitles

19 enero, 2020

Very basic and no practical in depth tips and tricks how to achieve certain results with different light modifiers etc. I expected to see more of that

20 octubre, 2019

Hi David, I really enjoy the great Explanations.I am a Porträt Photographer who needs fast and successful Solutions.I just bought a A1X for my Sony A9. Mostly I shoot Models outside and love the available Light.With the A1X its great to enhance the Light on the Model.Now in the coming colder Month I need Solutions in my Apartment.I don't have a Studio.It would help me to know also the Camera Settings in Relation to the Flash Setups. And really a complete Menue even if it sounds dull for a nice Porträt with easy Solutions who are fast and successful.I mean Step by Step so that I can follow it even if I don't understand perfectly but that I will have a great Photo with my Profoto Gear. With that and not to much information I think i am happy. As an Example how can I produce a nice Beautyshot for a Woman in my Apartment against a white Wall. Or a cool Characterporträt for a Guy. Or how to lit my Livingroom which has 30 m2 with my A1X and my B2 to produce natural Light in the Room. All this really with the Camera Settings and the Lightshaping Tools that work immediately. I have a OCF Beautydish Silver, A2/3 Softbox, an OCF Octa, and an Umbrella Saver M. And Grids for the Softboxes. I really already learned a lot in the Courses.But for my Daily Business I would love to have these immediate Setups, were I do everything from positioning the Flash which Lightshaper Camera settings etc. I tell you why. When you are not used to the Flashes its frustrating when it doesn't work immidiatly. I don't have the Time with my Client to do Try and Error.
So I have these really great Tools from Profoto but sometimes its frustrating. This Setup in the Studio is really great to lern and to get the right Clou, but for me its not to realize. So it would be great to have these fast Solutions. All the Best Andreas von Tempelhoff. instagram.com/von_tempelhoff_photography

21 agosto, 2019

The overall course was great. I think when focusing on the background what is the camera actually focusing in on?

02 septiembre, 2019

very basic

Frederick Hopper
17 junio, 2019

So far I really like the courses offered by Profoto. The material, and delivery is spot on!

Nils Carlberg
23 mayo, 2019

I really like the format of the course and the possibility to upload pictures for judgement

26 marzo, 2019

The video on lighting the face was excellent. This one was Ok.

Masanao Noda
31 enero, 2019

I thought about only I softened light or hardening it. I am just surprised at usage of various light shown in courses. I wear it well and want to make use in work.

23 enero, 2019

The course is great and clear

27 enero, 2019

perfect course

13 enero, 2019

good training. but the color of the light was not included...

Steven Hellon
12 enero, 2019

The information was solid and useful. I especially liked how each segment was organized and explained. I learned what I did not know and enhanced what I knew. I appreciated the thoughtfulness of the lesson and the instructor's delivery.

Carl Sloss
04 enero, 2019

I don't remember any light courses that talk and show the kind of example like these courses show.

25 diciembre, 2018

I enjoyed this course and learned new techniques.

25 diciembre, 2018

The course is very good and I like the teaching style of David. Maybe it is divided into too many chunks, which is good if you need to go back and watch something specific, but not so good when you are watching the entire course.

Manu Bia
05 diciembre, 2018

It could be helpful to know the following point :
- The light power or mode (TTL or Manual),
- IL values between light sources
- and camera settings (Exifs)
nevertheless, that course is awesome. Mr Bicho is a really good trainer. Thank you!

Erin Rechler
30 noviembre, 2018

Great courses in this series, the background course was a little advanced for me as a beginner, but it will be fun to go back to when I have a little more experience

09 noviembre, 2018

This is by far the best course in the series. The explanations and results of each step are perfect.

Slava Lee
26 noviembre, 2018

russian subtitles please ))

14 agosto, 2018

Very nicely presented tips on background lighting.

08 agosto, 2018

I really liked the course. Everything is simple and understandable. The most important thing for me is that I can listen and watch at any time, go back to previous videos and review many times.

Kitty Murray
18 agosto, 2018

I like the linear structure of each "how-to" and their breakdown within the larger framework... face, background, mixing lights.
The examples and lighting demos on the sphere and box passed by quickly so I had to go back and pause several times. More than one photo example per lighting concept would be great. Longer lessons that extend or that attempt to clarify the original concept would be great. TY

26 junio, 2018

Great introduction and overall series

Jim Kilgo
06 junio, 2018

Great content and I like how each step was broken down to show and explain the concepts. I know this will improve my photography and can't wait to apply these concepts!

Valsan Melepat
05 junio, 2018

This is really must have for beginners to professionals.

27 mayo, 2018

In the lighting the face course , where there I a slide of 7 different lighting styles I think the short and broad lighting styles are incorrectly labelled

Ricky Yunata
06 junio, 2018

I have learnt the different technique to create interesting shadows and to light a background. It’s a really great course

Conoce al profesor
David Bicho
David, fotógrafo con una amplia experiencia, ha capturado todo tipo de imágenes, desde conocidos actores de Hollywood hasta productos de alta gama de Profoto, y ha producido portadas de revistas que le han valido diversos premios. También ha formado a cientos de fotógrafos profesionales en iluminación avanzada de estudio y ha ofrecido ponencias a miles de aficionados semiprofesionales. David, reconocido por su estilo de enseñanza ingenioso e motivante, comparte sus conocimientos y su pasión en Profoto Academy.
Conoce al profesor

David Bicho

David, fotógrafo con una amplia experiencia, ha capturado todo tipo de imágenes, desde conocidos actores de Hollywood hasta productos de alta gama de Profoto, y ha producido portadas de revistas que le han valido diversos premios. También ha formado a cientos de fotógrafos profesionales en iluminación avanzada de estudio y ha ofrecido ponencias a miles de aficionados semiprofesionales. David, reconocido por su estilo de enseñanza ingenioso e motivante, comparte sus conocimientos y su pasión en Profoto Academy.

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