Air Remote TTL

Is the Profoto Air Remote TTL compatible with Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7?
Based on initial limited testing, it seems that Profoto A1 and Profoto Air Remote TTL for Nikon will be compatible with Nikon Z6 and Z7. We will communicate more information after completing full-scale testing.

With which flashes do I get full TTL and HSS compatibility with the Air Remote TTL?
Air Remote TTL is TTL & HSS compatible with Profoto A1, B1X, B1, B2, D2 and Pro-10.

My Air Remote TTL does not work on my camera. Are there any camera settings I should check/set?
Generally, there are not many settings you need to think about, but a couple of things to check are:
- Nikon cameras need to be set to FP Sync to use HSS.
- Sony cameras need WL enabled.

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