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Comment associer éclairage au flash et lumière ambiante

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Partie 1 sur 3 de la série Fundamentals of lighting

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David vous montre comment créer des conditions de prise de vue idéales et des images au rendu naturel en mêlant luminosité ambiante et éclairage au flash. 

David photographie un sujet dans un espace intérieur réduit et dans une salle de gym aux conditions d’éclairage peu favorables. Il explique à quel point il est simple de configurer l’appareil pour une exposition idéale dans des conditions difficiles lorsque vous mêlez éclairage au flash et luminosité ambiante, de manière simple, sûre et contrôlée. 

En photographiant une cascadeuse hollywoodienne, nous avons pu voir comment le flash nous permettait d’améliorer l’éclairage ambiant tout en conservant un rendu naturel. Nous avons également appris à utiliser l’arrière-plan pour éclairer l’image de manière naturelle. Ces techniques modifieront la manière dont vous travaillez avec la lumière et permettront à vos images de se démarquer.

Composants de ce cours

Ce que vous allez apprendre

Découvrez comment :

  • Utiliser les techniques de réflexion de la lumière avec un flash On-Camera
  • Mêler éclairage au flash et luminosité ambiante en utilisant des gélatines
  • Évaluer la lumière disponible
  • Gérer les conditions difficiles les plus courantes
  • Choisir le type et la direction de la lumière de votre flash
  • Façonner la lumière facilement à l’aide d’un flash Off-Camera
  • Contrôler le flou d’arrière-plan grâce à l’ouverture
  • Contrôler la luminosité ambiante en utilisant la vitesse d’obturation

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

Informations essentielles

Voici certaines informations intéressantes à connaître, ainsi que l’équipement utile pour ce cours. Il s’agit de simples recommandations et non d’obligations.

Équipement recommandé

Pour réaliser les exercices, vous aurez besoin d’au moins un flash Off-Camera.

Pour réaliser l’image finale de ce cours, nous avons utilisé :

  • 4 x flashes pour utilisation On et Off-Camera
  • 1 x boîte à lumière Stripbox
  • 1 x gélatine de couleur
  • Pieds lumière supplémentaires

Connaissances utiles

  • Niveau de compétence en matière d’éclairage : Convient à tous les niveaux de connaissance
  • Niveau de maîtrise de l’appareil : Utilisation de l’appareil en mode manuel acquise


Anthony Ahunon Munoz
17 septembre, 2020

The courses are good and the explaination are good but at the end of each video we still have some mystery so for exemple on the last video is taking about led barre on the bag to make the orange ligne so this is it done with the A1 with CTO and Bandor ? or with led bar ? so if its with the led bar the A1 with the CTO is for the face to have less shadow and more strong face ? at the end of each video is the same we don't see the complete setup. But it fine I will reproduce it rock on! thanks YOU

24 août, 2020

Very interesting to see Bicho working with an assistant. And many tricks very usefull.

mike k
11 juillet, 2020

The more I watch this the more valuable it becomes - the Two Problems segment was very useful - the Gym Shoot David is a light magician, a sensational shoot with lots of great tips - David is a wonderful teacher

03 juillet, 2020

Very good. I will use this for my trainee. :-)

25 juin, 2020

Really great course just cementing some of the concepts from the other courses.

Yongwoon Shin
25 mai, 2020

It was a good lecture to learn how to use kicker lighting.

Chami Perera
05 mai, 2020

I like the Course , maybe how he colourgraded the Pictures would have been interesting too.

16 avril, 2020

Nice course

Alexander Mansyreff
12 avril, 2020

Although I shoot weddings for 10 years and use Profoto flashes for 3 years, in this course I learned some essential basics that help me doing my flash images better.

Fahad Al Nusf
03 mai, 2020

the explanation was perfect but we need a layout of the flashes.

08 mars, 2020

would like to understand more on the flash setting: TTL or Manual ? Or I missed something

03 mars, 2020

The behind the scenes Gym video is longer than necessary. It’s interesting but not as informative as the preceding videos.
More info on the power settings or how the power settings are arrived at would be helpful.

Falko Wenzel Cologne
07 mars, 2020

The best photo course I've ever known. Very clear, very humorous, very informative, too little German language ... ;-)

Tino Orozco
14 janvier, 2020

I loved it, it made me more understanding of the light, thank you

Yoshiya Yamazaki
09 janvier, 2020


Marco (from Italy)
15 janvier, 2020

Interesting and clear. I suggest to give us more details regarding manual configuration of the flash and not only TTL mode. Thank you!

Drew Michael
08 décembre, 2019

this was the best i needed this to take my photography to a whole new level

23 novembre, 2019

Great instructional video. Loved the knowledge and the humor.

Yelitza V.
20 novembre, 2019

I was given the pleasure of learning much more creative lighting to capture the perfect shot

26 février, 2020

I did expect a more lengthy course, although it's definitely worth the money. Thanks

20 novembre, 2019

Expertly produced lesson and quality content.

Gabriel Perez
05 novembre, 2019

Really loved this. Fast, simple, and informative without being extremely technical. Also, adding a little comedy really went a long way. The camera click trick was awesome. I think have videos where there are little tricks like that really make me want to watch more tutorials of Profoto's to see if I can learn any other cool tricks. Thank you!

31 octobre, 2019

The instructor was informative and entertaining at the same time. Instilling confidence through knowledge and reminding us that we should be having fun in doing something we love.

15 janvier, 2020

you didn't show every setting on set, for example how you put your orange light at the bar in gym. how to meter the light power. this is way too basic to do by myself without paying for this course

16 octobre, 2019

Clear explanations, well structured and easy to understand

Mark Henry Cooney
11 décembre, 2019

The charisma and the personality of the instructor was phenomenal!

The content was lacking in a few areas:

1. There were no specific lists describing the exact nomenclature of the equipment used. Sometimes students want to purchase the same gear that the video lesson is using so we can put to real practice what we learn (as if we were physically with the instructor and got to use the same gear he was using).
2. There we no diagrams of the lighting setups used. We simply got a single angle view from the video camera that was recording the course. Having a "map" to copy what we have learned for further study would be wonderful.

Jerry Holsopple
20 décembre, 2019

Good information, but it seems way overpriced for what you receive.

Michael Abril
16 octobre, 2019

I found the content useful, but I have to say I find it very overpriced for a full lesson that doesn't make even an hour of video. I am disappointed for that, to be honest with you. I don't mind paying for a course, but I expected more content for the price I paid

20 août, 2019

When balancing the ambient light with flash and exposing for the background, I think a explanation on metering choice, what you are actually focusing on in the background and camera settings would be a great benefit in this course.

Frederic P
19 juillet, 2019

Good information, strait to the point
Sens of humor.
The animations to show light spread is really good and effective compare to other video training.
I would advise for the 2 last videos (boxing) to show where the lights and add a 2D diagram from above to make sure novices or intermediate (as myself) understands well the placement of light sources.

Toni Telepman
03 juillet, 2019

I loved every single bit of information in this course, every little nuance that can make a photograph special, natural and interesting.

Frederick Hopper
17 juin, 2019

Wonderful course! The information is presented in an easy to understand format, and is also fun at the same time!

lee kanghee
11 mai, 2019

Hyrom Jones
18 mai, 2019

The demonstrations only added to my existing knowledge of lighting and were truly an advantage to be offered "another way" of obtaining a similarly good result, but with a more professional lighting effect, outcome. Thank you ProFoto. :)

Ray Harrison
20 avril, 2019

The instruction was clear and concise. No BS.

02 avril, 2019

All is allright . Maybe a traduction of the quizz for foreigner students. ;)

03 avril, 2019

Specifically and briefly as it should be

Kulraj Singh
22 mars, 2019

I like the simple approach you have shown to much complicated subject.

03 février, 2019

David Bisho is a awesome guy. I love to listen to him. His tips and advices in this video helped me a lot.

Masanao Noda
31 janvier, 2019

I could learn the basics of Lighting some other time and was very significant.

Mark L
27 mars, 2019

Informative, but he spent too much time on the execution of the gym photo shoot and failed to address all three points he promised to address during the introduction. More fundamentals would've been appreciated. But I still got a lot out of it.

Matthew D. Hodges
15 janvier, 2019

Excellent presentation and information, loved it.

03 janvier, 2019

I Loved how clear the information is taught, also it is very concise, it makes flash light less scary

03 février, 2019

A pdf with a recap of the important things like the click trick or steps is needed.

Sylvain c
13 janvier, 2019

Very well explained, as it is more about feeling the location rather than focusing on numbers.
The trainer is serious but keep some humour that make the training not boring.

12 janvier, 2019


08 février, 2019

Good course but a bit more detail would be helpful e.g. to talk us through the flash powers. I use a lightmeter, so it would be nice to know what kind of ratios he's aiming for between the kicker and main light etc. I also wanted to know about gelling lights to match the colour temperature of the room light or contrast with existing lights like tungsten or fluorescent.

Oliver Schmidt
20 décembre, 2018

Great course and a lot of fun!

Jaap Schuurman
23 décembre, 2018

Great distraction free information.

Alexander Lindström
18 novembre, 2018

I'd like to see examples of rooms with worse conditions to shoot in

17 décembre, 2018

Hi, I like the course, but I think it's a bit overpriced.

25 décembre, 2018

Good content, but too expensive taking into account that its provided by Profoto

Erin Rechler
25 novembre, 2018

great suggestions for using live feed for adjusting background

Elle Pouchet
11 novembre, 2018

Fantastic teaching.....!!!

19 décembre, 2018

Not bad but for 59 euros I think it's expensive. Escpecially after I bought one of your product. You should include those for your customers. Thanks

15 janvier, 2019

For the price of this course I expected it to be more in-depth and lengthier.

Fernando Cantu Diaz
25 novembre, 2018

Would be helpful include the Flashmate light meter for a better understanding

25 novembre, 2018

Very good tutorials.

24 novembre, 2018

Well structured tutorial and good insights on how the lighting setup is motivated by the ambient light.

28 octobre, 2018


Troy Wayrynen (
24 novembre, 2018

I enjoyed watching this course and learned an equipment trick and how better to position and direct lighting. I also enjoyed seeing how the photographer interacted with the subject and assistants. I would like to see in future episodes different video shots showing the scene in a larger view, details of equipment as it is being adjusted. The same video angle doesn't provide very much visual interest. Thank you!

01 décembre, 2018

I expected to balancing by metering the flashlight with a lightmeter. With other words what are the ratios. Set-up with too much flashes to understand how to mix ambient with flash.

Kellie Bieser
25 septembre, 2018

Watching David work and being able to see the thought process behind his light configurations was equal parts entertaining and informative. I absolutely loved the course!

01 novembre, 2018

wow is this it? I mean it's helpful and a good basis but I expected more for $65

04 octobre, 2018

The setting with iso, shutter speed, and aperture had been to be explained in this movie.

Thorsten Schneider
23 octobre, 2018

Course is to short. I‘d guess more fore the money

03 septembre, 2018

Very straightforward and practical tips for a photographer that used to fear flash photography.

Thomas Höglund
30 août, 2018

Really fun and easy going lectures!

Harry Stahl Photography
28 août, 2018

Very funny - but even better: very very easy and simply explained. Sometimes however, I wish I would get to know the more detailed power settings of each flash. Realizing that this could differ from situation to situation. This is one of the best courses yet and I am eager to learn more - we never stop learning in life. 👍😊

Bernard Strand
16 novembre, 2018

Considering the professionalism and quality of Profoto gear this was a very basic course and apart from a few neat tips, was actually pretty empty of real content. Disappointing really. Topics that could have been covered: Mixing light qualities and colours in difficult ambient lighting situation. Incorporating the accessories of the new A1 in said situations.

Cam W.
15 septembre, 2018

I would love to see some more b-cam footage to change up the angles and show lighting configurations from different perspectives. Keep up the great work!

Arun Nevader
21 août, 2018

The key learning for me: learning how to adjust the camera for perfect exposure through Live View and then understanding how background light determines the shoot. I've been struggling with these issues for years, and have had them resolved in a number of minutes with this class. Terrific!

Pat Trotter
08 août, 2018

Each step carefully explained and reasons articulated. Easy to understand. Shows use of B1 and A1 together.

05 novembre, 2018

not enough content learning for the money overpriced!!

25 octobre, 2018

I was expecting something more from this course, it is a little to beginner level I think.
Also I was expecting as well some outdoor examples. And didn't really like the resulst of the lighting, din't seem much natural in most cases.

13 octobre, 2018

Could use more info on setting camera ratios, high speed sync, and camera mode mode. When setting by light is manual mode used? If using manual mode high speed sync available? I've set by exposure for background and desired aperture in past expecting HSS and had banding when using manual mode.

30 juillet, 2018

It's a excellent short course on lighting. Of course not all can be covered in that short time, but it's enough to get one started with confidence,

07 septembre, 2018


31 juillet, 2018

I took this course based on the weekly webinars that David and Anders conduct. I like David's style and process. Since I have watched their series, I was super familiar with his techniques. I just wished that this was longer. I only rated it an 8 because most of my friends are already proficient with these skills.

Rikard Hernqvist
21 juillet, 2018

It was easy to understand, I used my camera while I watched the course and tried at the same time at the office

30 juin, 2018

I loved the course, the InstriInst explained it in a clear and concise manner. My favorite part was the click trick. I never knew that before. 😊

Jack Cutler foto
16 juin, 2018

This course has been a refreshing eye opener for this old veteran. It brought back techniques that over time I had forgotten. What wonderful motivation

24 juin, 2018

Really amazing course. Fun, funny, and easy to follow. One suggestion: sometimes it was hard to tell where the lights were being placed in the shoots. For example, in the gym shoot with the boxer, it was hard to tell where the kicker and main lights were exactly as far as front to back placement. Maybe a simple diagram at the end would be helpful to give us a more clear idea of where the lights were.

T.M. Glass
13 juin, 2018

David Bicho is a remarkable teacher. would like more Bicho lessons.

Hicks Milner
10 juillet, 2018

Great course. Wish that he had discussed the settings on the Profoto flashes.

09 juillet, 2018

Over all a good tutorial. The goofy jokes might not be for me but its not a dealbreaker. In the part setting up the lights in the gym I think you could have benefited from at least one more camera angle. Now we did not get to see two of the flash placements, just the effect of them.

25 juin, 2018

Great explanations

Ricky Yunata
03 juin, 2018

Great fundamental lighting course, it's very easy to understand

Stevenson Michel
12 juin, 2018

This course was very informative, but it would have been useful had you shown the light positions.

Jim Kilgo
05 juin, 2018

Very good instructional content. David is not only a great light shaper but entertaining in his teaching method.

Robert Hechinger
13 juin, 2018

clear, straight forward, no bla bla bla... Great course which makes the whole stuff easy

12 juin, 2018

Just a little too short, would like to see at least 3-4 set ups.

02 juin, 2018

This is great. I have learned a lot thus far. I am excited to start applying these new ideas and practicing the Click Trick.

15 août, 2018

This part of the course was far too basic. I don't feel like I learned anything new.

08 juin, 2018

Personally I think the courses should be a little cheaper

29 mai, 2018

Really great content

Chris N
23 mai, 2018

there is some good information, especially about setting your background exposure first, and about motivated light, however, $65 is incredibly pricey

30 mai, 2018

Some nice reminders and refresh of process for setting up shots. However, I think when utilizing the special features of Profoto gear, like A1/B1 or Air Remote, this video missed an opportunity to talk to those specifics, like which "mode" color/freeze he'd prefer in each situation, whether he was starting with random chosen power levels, using TTL then Manual etc. I appreciated many of the tips on direction of certain lights, angling of modifiers and overall relationship of multi lights, but I just thought there could easily have been a bit more room to talking to some technical specs, while still keeping it applicable to any equipment and fun in it's mood.

06 juillet, 2018

No explanations on balancing the light, no light meters, last video nothing to do with teaching.

Barbara Cook
24 mai, 2018

In the planning lesson it looks as video camera is in one position. You can't see where the lights are positions and what is the directions. In next lesson specification of lights is different that lights used in previous lesson. Why so much time is spend on posing not on lighting. This is a course about light no posing.

25 mai, 2018

A bit too broad brush. I wish you had shared more useful information such as how you set up your light mode/power, how to determine that, what if outdoor ambient light is very bright (HSS), light fall off principle etc.

24 mai, 2018

A waste of money...come on Profoto you can do better than this....this probably the worst instructor I have come across. He is all over the place with no flow to his shoots.

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Photographe très expérimenté, David Bicho a tout photographié : des célébrités d’Hollywood jusqu’aux produits Profoto. Il est également l’auteur de plusieurs couvertures de magazine primées. Il a aussi formé des centaines de photographes professionnels en éclairage de studio avancé et enseigné à des milliers d’amateurs experts. Célèbre pour son approche pédagogique amusante et inspirante, David met ses connaissances et sa passion au service de la Profoto Academy.
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David Bicho

Photographe très expérimenté, David Bicho a tout photographié : des célébrités d’Hollywood jusqu’aux produits Profoto. Il est également l’auteur de plusieurs couvertures de magazine primées. Il a aussi formé des centaines de photographes professionnels en éclairage de studio avancé et enseigné à des milliers d’amateurs experts. Célèbre pour son approche pédagogique amusante et inspirante, David met ses connaissances et sa passion au service de la Profoto Academy.

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