Profoto C1 & C1 Plus | Profoto (FR)
Seamless integrations

Together with Huawei, we have taken mobile photography to a new professional level. Use your Profoto C1 or C1 Plus seamlessly with Huawei native camera app. Profoto's imaging technology is brining unique innovations to the Huawei P40 line: Profoto BLE sync, Auto Color and dynamic auto exposure - a truly world unique features.

Unleash your creativity

For more advanced scenarios, we created a standalone Profoto Camera app for the Huawei P40 line. It has multi flash support and gives full manual control over all features, such as flash power, color temprature and camera settings. Download it here

Watch the launch video for the Profoto and Huawei P40 collaboration

Watch the launch video for the Profoto and Huawei P40 collaboration

How to get started


Supported Huawei phones: Mate30-series and P40-series. These phones don't have Profoto app preinstalled. C1 and C1 Plus are supported within the native Huawei camera app.

Use latest software

Update your Huawei phone to the latest available operating system. Update your C1 or C1 Plus with the latest firmware via Profoto Connect app. You can download it from the Huawei App gallery.

Connect and start

Connect and pair C1 or C1 Plus using the standard Huawei OS Bluetooth menu. “Profoto" shall now appear next to the flash symbol within the native Huawei camera app.

Try different modes

C1 and C1 Plus can be used in Photo or Pro mode. You can also have more control such as Flash On/Off and Constant light On/Off.