OCF Light Shaping Tools

How do OCF Light Shaping Tools differ from the standard Light Shaping Tools?
The OCF Light Shaping Tools are extra small, super portable and tailor-made for fast and easy on-location photography. 

What OCF Light Shaping Tool are there?
At this point, there is an OCF Grid Kit, an OCF Snoot, OCF Barndoors, four new OCF Softboxes and the OCF Speedring. 

Can I combine the OCF Grids with the OCF Barndoor or OCF Snoot?
Yes, you can stack both OCF Grids with OCF Barndoor and also OCF Grid with OCF Snoot. Make sure that the four attachment points on the accessories are matched/aligned to each other.
To disconnect them, just rotate the accessories relative to each other. 

Which is the easiest way to replace grids in the grid holder?
Press with both thumbs on the honeycomb from the backside of the grid holder. 

Can I use the new OCF Light Shaping Tools on my D1?
The OCF Light Shaping Tools may only be used with Profoto B1 and B2 Off-Camera Flashes that have a LED modeling light. They should not be used with other flashes or the D1 monolights since they may be too hot. 

Why is it a little difficult to attach the OCF Speedring to the flash head?
The rubber is sticky when it is new. It will improve after some use and it will be easier to attach the speedring.

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