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How to create a high key portrait

20 mai, 2020

Écrit par: Profoto

Placing a big light source behind your model will create a white background and allow the light to wrap around the model's face. Photographer Hannah Couzens gives you the 3 steps on how to create a high key portrait yourself.

Step 1: Mount an OCF Beauty Dish White on the first Profoto B10 and an OCF Softbox Octa on the second Profoto B10.  

Step 2: Place the second Profoto B10 with attached OCF Softbox Octa right behind your model.

Step 3: Place the first Profoto B10 with the attached OCF Beauty Dish White in front of your model. To give some highlights on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin - use the butterfly light pattern.

The key here is not to overexpose the backlight so that you don’t lose the details of the edges of the hair or face.

Écrit par: Profoto

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OCF Beauty Dish White

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OCF Softbox Octa

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