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Control and fine-tune the light spread with Grids

Grids are easy to use accessories designed to control the light spread and to bring contrast and drama to the final image. And here the word ‘control’ really is key. With a grid attached it’s easy to control and focus the light where you want it, while limiting the light spillage in other areas of the image. It simply adds control to light shaping.

We have many different types and sizes of grids to help you achieve the control you need, but ultimately they fit into two specific types: Honeycomb Grids and Softgrids.

  • Hard and robust
    Honeycomb Grids
  • For Softboxes
  • Honeycomb Grids
    Hard and robust

    Our most popular hard Honeycomb Grids are designed to be mounted directly onto our flat front lights. You can choose the lightweight and portable OCF Grids for the B1 and B2 or choose the 100 mm Grids for the D1 and D2, all are easily mounted directly onto the flash. You can also choose a number of Honeycomb Grids that attach to your Hard Reflectors when you want less light spillage.

    Recommended for: Accent light, Dramatic main light, Rim light
    Popular applications: Portrait
    Available for: B1X, B2, D1, D2, Hard Reflectors

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  • Softgrids
    For softboxes

    We offer a wide assortment of softgrids for our different lines of Softboxes. Our softgrids create a more focused light by cutting out most of the light spillage, allowing you to shape light with even more precision.

    Recommended for: Dramatic main light, Rim light
    Popular applications: Portrait
    Available for: RFi Softboxes, OCF Softboxes

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Help me choose

Our short guide below can help you find the right grid for your needs.


When to use grids?

When you want increased control of the light spread or a more focused light, grids are a great tool to embrace. Use grids to shape your key light, create background effects in portraits, or accentuate the highlights in still life photography – you’ll find so many creative ways to use them.


What's the difference in light spread?

We offer grids with different light spreads. With grids ranging from 5° to 50° light spread, the focus and concentration of light can change dramatically. That means you have lots of options to shape light with and to create the mood you’re looking for, whether it’s a harsher portrait light filled with character or even a slightly more directed light for a hair shoot.

The Light Shaper Think outside the softbox

Think outside the softbox

Andrea Belluso does four different fashion setups using nothing but softboxes
Go behind the scenes Six setups for beauty lighting

Six setups for beauty lighting

See Rossella Vanon's pastel-themed series shot with the RFi Softboxes and the Softlight Reflector
What’s the Difference Between a grid and no grid?

Between a grid and no grid?

Jared Platt compares shooting with and without grids
The Light Shaper Creating a dramatic portrait

Creating a dramatic portrait

Andrea Belluso brings strip softboxes to a murky hangar to shoot an elegant yet dramatic portrait of an old friend of his

If you don’t have Grids, get some. If you do have Grids, get to know them and the effects they create. They make a big difference!

Jared Platt, photographer