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Traditional retailer engelhorn goes omni-channel using Profoto

25 October, 2022

Written by: Annabelle Plueckthun

How the German family-owned retailer scaled its business from a physical store to several locations, a webshop, and a thriving digital marketplace.


With its seven locations and a flourishing webshop, the German retailer engelhorn caters to all fashion, sports, and luxury needs. Launched in 2020, engelhorn is also an online marketplace with over 22 partners and 900 brands. Shipping to Germany, Austria, France, and Benelux, the family-owned retailer places products on various platforms such as Amazon, Zalando, eBay, Otto, Görtz, Intersport, and Miinto. We spoke to engelhorn’s Head of E-Commerce, André Montag, about the company’s challenging content demands and how Profoto helps satisfy them.  

Shooting consistent visual content for e-commerce and offline channels

Running a marketplace and online shop with over 22 partners and carrying more than 900 brands means high demand for consistent, high-quality visual content that converts. Engelhorn has been using Profoto equipment since 2013, running a buzzing in-house content studio featuring six systems to date. ‘We shoot around 132,000 images of about 65,000 different color variations per year,’ says André. The creative studio team of nine shoots visual content for all e-commerce needs using three Profoto StyleShoots Vertical systems, one Horizontal, one Live, and one Eclipse. Some of their social media content is also being shot in this impressive in-house studio.

‘The quality of the images is very high. We are able to keep our production costs low as the images require only minimal editing.’

Scaling its online business and transforming the customer journey

With its long history in traditional brick-and-mortar retail, engelhorn kicked off an impressive transformation to omnichannel with the launch of its online shop in 2006. With the digital switch, came the reshaping of their customers' shopping experience and retail journey. Profoto helped equip the European online business with high-quality content to showcase its many products. ‘The quality of the images is very high. We are able to keep our production costs low as the images only require minimal editing,’ says André.

'In case of any issues, we generally get a very quick response from the Profoto support team.’

Incredible ease of use and impressive know-how led to investing in Profoto systems

When asked what influenced the decision to purchase Profoto equipment, Montag replied, ‘its incredible ease of use and implementation.’ The creative team is also impressed by Profoto's know-how regarding different use cases of the systems and support. ‘In case of any issues, we generally get a very quick response from the support team.’

Written by: Annabelle Plueckthun

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