Profoto brings full power of professional flash to Android smartphone with AirX Smart-TTL [BETA] | Profoto
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Profoto brings full power of professional flash to Android smartphone with AirX Smart-TTL [BETA]

30 November, 2020

Profoto continues to bring additional functionality for their flash users, this time by launching the Profoto Camera app for Android with AirX Smart-TTL. The Profoto Camera app allows professional photographers to use the full power of their Profoto flashes with point-and-shoot through smart exposure algorithms.

Ever since Profoto released their first version of the Profoto Camera app for iOS, the question on everyone's lips was; when will it be available for Android devices? Now, with the introduction of the BETA Profoto Camera app for Android, which has additional AirX Smart-TTL functionalities, that question is answered.

As with the iOS Profoto Camera app, the Profoto AirX technology enables you to create professional images with full flash tube sync. With the new AirX Smart-TTL, you can simply point-and-shoot with the automatic exposure algorithm. The Profoto Camera Android BETA app is available from December
1, 2020 on Google Playstore and is compatible with Profoto A10, B10, B10 Plus, C1 and C1 Plus flashes.

Profoto AirX technology
One difference in synchronizing external flash to a mobile device compared to traditional capturing devices like DSLR or MILC is that smartphone cameras require a much more flexible flash-length on different shutter speeds. This makes it more difficult to fire the flash at the exact time and duration to light the image. Up until now, attempts to synchronize the two have fallen short, making Profoto the world’s first company to successfully bring the full power of professional flashes to smartphones with their proprietary Profoto AirX technology.

“This is a revolutionary innovation,” states Profoto CEO Anders Hedebark. “Making professional flash available to smartphones has the potential to be ground-breaking, just like how the transition from analog to digital cameras once changed everything. We believe freedom of connectivity is the next step for professional photography. No matter what kind of photographer you are, it’s all about the light. And we want to set that light free, so you can create great images regardless of your capturing device.”

Product Manager Marko Pirc: “We know that for some photographers, the idea of using a smartphone professionally might seem a bit hard to digest. Our philosophy is simply that we want to enable the photographer to choose what camera to use and we are therefore compatible with iOS and Android as well as DSLRs and MILCs from the largest brands.”