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Introducing Profoto Hard Reflectors White

08 July, 2024

Profoto broadens creative horizons with three new hard reflectors with white-coated interiors, offering a new and exciting take on high-contrast lighting.

The ability to shape light to create, and to control the environment is what sets creatives apart from the competition. In the quest of offering the world’s best photographers yet another tool in the toolbox, inspired by the needs expressed by professional beauty and fashion photographers, Profoto introduces three new hard reflectors with white-coated interiors, meticulously designed for photographers to effortlessly achieve a hard light but with a creamy, forgiving touch.

The three reflectors are engineered to cater to various shooting scenarios. The TeleZoom Reflector White, with its deep shape, creates a directed yet soft light ideal for scenes requiring depth or even illumination across distances. The Magnum Reflector White, when coupled with its zoom functionality, not only boosts the light output but also ensures a softer, more balanced light spread. Lastly, the Zoom Reflector White offers a punchier soft light while providing a more forgiving light characteristic than its silver counterpart.

These white-interior reflectors deliver a wider, more even light spread, allowing for greater flexibility in feathering the light while maintaining the desired contrast and texture. By making it simpler to control hard light and its effects, Profoto empowers photographers to distinguish their work with beautifully crafted, standout imagery.

Compatible with all Profoto lights, these tools are set to become staples for creative professionals looking to expand their light-shaping arsenal.

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