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Profoto Control Desktop macOS

Experience the smoothest workflow to this day with the Profoto Control Desktop macOS app.
It enables you to control every flash setting with the click of a button and is especially suitable for fast-paced environments with multiple flashes involved. Thanks to advanced features such as flash presets, you can pack up and start the next day immediately. Work from any Mac computer and install new firmware directly from the app.

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Full control with remotes

With the Profoto Connect and Connect Pro remote, you gain control of each flash’s light output settings thanks to group-centric controls, flash test buttons, and the optional master controls.

Full control of lights

Connect all AirX Profoto lights individually to the app to control their settings. Each light supports Profoto's universal flash controls and the unique secondary control panel.

Adjustable application window size

On your Mac computer, use Profoto Control Desktop in full-screen or adjust the size to perfectly complement the tethering software of your choice.

Features that speed up your workflow

Add custom text labels to each Air group when you use Connect remotes. Select and switch easily between groups and use keyboard shortcuts to set flash power.

Manage multiple Profoto device settings

Configure, rename, and manage multiple Profoto devices effortlessly and remotely from your computer.

Always up to date

Inside the desktop app, select ‘update’ to instantly install the latest firmware via Bluetooth. 

Create customized flash presets

Save settings from your remote when it runs in Air 2 mode to create presets. Add text notes and attach images for clarification.

Use saved flash presets

Instantly apply or switch between saved presets with a single tap or click.

Walkthrough of the product

Walkthrough of the product

Profoto's technical manager Marko Pirc gives you the full tour of Profoto Control Desktop macOS
Introducing Profoto Control Desktop macOS

Introducing Profoto Control Desktop macOS

Explore Control Desktop and how it allows you to leave room for more creativity


Supported devices


Any Mac computer running macOS 11 or later. 

Supported Profoto products

Profoto Pro-11 
Profoto D2 and D2 Industrial are compatible through the use of Profoto Connect and Connect Pro
Profoto B10-series
Profoto A2
Profoto A10
Profoto Connect remote
Profoto Connect Pro remote

Supported connection