Four photographers trapped in four Escape Rooms | Profoto Escape Artist | Profoto

Who will make it in time?

Four photographers trapped in the weirdest locations of their professional careers. With only camera, laptop, an unknown set of props and models - and the Profoto B10X flash - they get a 90-minute deadline to deliver an approved shot to get out of the tight space in time. We all get to follow their anxious work, minute by minute - decision by decision. Who will make it out in time, and who will not?

The challenges

Erik Johansson - Zodiac Riddle

To escape, Erik must create a surreal world-class killer shot, epic enough to hang in a museum.

Martina Wärenfeldt - Life Sentence

To get out, Martina must deliver an approved fine art portrait of a young illusionist trapped inside prison.

David Bicho - Mastermind

To reach freedom, David must nail a piece of true action imagery in a room filled with laser beams. 

Molly Baber - Tesla's Mystery

To succeed, Molly must present a breath-taking portrait with a classic feel in a 1940's New York hotel room.

The contestants

These four photographers are aiming for the prestigious title Profoto Escape Artist. They are all passionate about quality results, but have different methods of getting there. Who are they, really?
This is Martina Wärenfeldt

A fine art portrait photographer who creates magazine-style shoots for everyday people, where personal connection and feel are paramount for getting the awesome imagery which she is known for.

This is Molly Baber

A conceptual photographer and filmmaker with a flair for dreamy, dark scenes that tell captivating stories of rituals, death, and feminine powers. Always playing on our subconscious abilities.

This is David Bicho

A light evangelist, photographer and instructor who has built a life around creating and experimenting with various light on people and things. A seeker of perfection in all situations.

This is Erik Johansson

An idea-driven visual artist who creates mind-blowing photographic images that have stunned audiences all over the world. Trying to make the surreal look real and telling mesmerizing stories.

Products used during the challenges

Profoto B10X & B10X Plus

OCF II Barndoor


OCF Softbox Octa

OCF Softbox Rectangular

Umbrella Deep White

Collapsible Reflector Black/White

Air Remote TTL

Air Remote