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Alexia Sinclair Photographs Jenny Kee, the Waratah Queen

28 October, 2013

Written by: Fredrik Franzén

You can hardly blame Australian fine art photographer Alexia Sinclair for being a couch potato. Her recent portrait of fashion designer Jenny Kee is yet another proof of that.

Using only a Pro-8, a single Pro Head equipped with a Softlight Reflector White and a Collapsible Reflector, the portrait might not be as meticulously detailed as the shots Alexia is famous for. But being seven months pregnant and suffering from the side effect of carpel tunnel numbness, and still heading out into the wilderness for an on-location portrait – you have to admire that level of dedication.

Alexia writes:

“Recently, with the roaring fires of the Blue Mountains, I felt compelled to spend a day on the hot and smoky mountain, building a set of Australian natives and wildflowers for a portrait of famed Waratah Queen, Jenny Kee. With every leaf and petal in place, it withered in the fiery heat before the next was in place. This sense of hardship is quite at home in the dry bushland of the Blue Mountains and this latest shoot became a challenge that required unremitting perseverance and hope as I muttered… we haven’t done a single easy shoot this year!!!”

Head over to her website for the full story.


Written by: Fredrik Franzén