Keep moving with the Profoto B2

14 May, 2017

You go where you want to go and capture things as they are. Or you stay where you are and light things how you want. These used to be the only two options a photographer had.But the Profoto B2 presents a third option – do both. Keep moving and shape light.

To prove this, we asked traveling photographers Finn Beales and Rémi Chapeaublanc to bring the B2 with them out into the field. This is what they did.You will find more images and information about the B2 below.















The photographers

Finn Beales

Join photographer Finn Beales as he escapes the city for a commercial lifestyle shoot in the countryside. Follow his photographic journey from busy city life to the serenity of a beautiful riverbank campsite, and watch him use the Profoto B2 to overcome the lighting challenges he faces along the way.

See more Finn's work on: madebyfinn.com

Rémi Chapeaublanc

Challenges breed creativity. The stunning portraits shot by traveling and portrait photographer Rémi Chapeaublanc in Laos and Myanmar are a testament to that. Join him on his travels and watch him use the Profoto B2 to overcome the lighting challenges he faces along the way.

See more Rémi's work on: remichapeaublanc.com

Siddharth Sharma

On-location wedding photography comes with its trials. Siddharth Sharma was told it had to be quick and he wasn’t allowed to distract anyone. Read how he shot a wedding couple in a vintage furniture store in Hyderabad and how the Profoto B2 helped him to overcome the lighting challenges he faced.

See more Siddharth's work on: siddharthsharma.in

The Profoto B2 is designed for photographers who want to capture real moments out in the real world but with full control and in perfect light. Just like Finn & Rémi did.

The B2 is offered in two portable kits: the B2 To-Go Kit with one flash head and the B2 Location Kit with two heads.

The kits are now available at a new attractive price. Check it out at your nearest dealer! Note that many of our dealers also offer try-before-you-buy-offers.