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ProStudio software suite Seamless integration with our e-commerce solutions

Unlock your studio’s full potential with ProStudio. Seamlessly integrated with our powerful Profoto hardware, ProStudio revolutionizes workflow planning, content capture, and post-production. Intelligent and user-friendly, our software optimizes your resources for quicker time-to-market, increased sales, and reduced returns.  


Experience unmatched efficiency with our unique and seamless integration of software and hardware. Independent of your chosen system, you benefit from the unparalleled synergy that accelerates your content creation: easily style, edit, and export your content or control all your lights in one go. As easy to use as a smartphone.

Software that meets all your content needs

ProStudio for workflow

Simplify your workflow management with ProStudio for workflow. The ProStudio workflow module integrates seamlessly with our Profoto hardware or can be used stand-alone with your existing studio setup.

Workflow management
Web app

ProStudio for capture

ProStudio for capture is the beating heart of our e-commerce solutions. The intuitive software allows you to control all functions, lighting, and camera via the system’s included iPad and convinces with incredible ease of use.

Photo and video capture
iPad app

Post-production integration

The export integration with our post-production partners Pixelz and Bright River allows for fast and easy editing. Simply choose your provider of choice and send your content selection off for the final polish.

iPad app integration

ProStudio for workflow Introducing ProStudio for workflow

Introducing ProStudio for workflow

Studio workflow software that bridges the gap between planning and capture
ProStudio for capture Introducing ProStudio for capture

Introducing ProStudio for capture

The intuitive capturing software for Profoto's automated e-commerce solutions

ProStudio for workflow

Equipped with features like planning, sample management, and actionable insights, the ProStudio workflow module keeps you in control, ensuring informed decision-making at every stage of your creative process. 

Real-time progress updates

Create transparency by syncing everyone on shoot progress. Manage and track products, samples, and assets from anywhere to support informed decision-making in real time. Deliver projects on time and within budget, resulting in faster time to market, higher sales conversion, and lower returns.

Product-centric workflow

Boost productivity and minimize manual work. Automatically build a digital twin of your product, standardize your looks using digital style guides, and streamline your content creation with a product-centric approach. The ProStudio workflow tool enables an efficient workflow, so your team can focus on being creative. 

Easy onboarding

Our web-based workflow tool is easy to implement with minimal configuration. Dynamic tables, style guides, and status handling make it suitable for most traditional operations. Plus, with the ability to define your own organization and different locations, it’s an excellent fit for both large and small businesses.

ProStudio for capture

ProStudio for capture is the beating heart of our automated studio solutions and is accessible via the system's iPad app. Control all functions, lighting, and camera with incredible ease of use. 

Photo and video presets

Customizable presets save consistent angles and lighting. Preconfigure name, aspect ratio, framings, and more according to your style guide needs.

Efficient file management

Use the barcode scanner to automatically name and file your products. ProStudio offers smart file management options that fit your infrastructure.

Flexible framings

Predefine fully customizable camera positions in your photo and video presets. Save time and effort while creating consistent-looking product content.

Boost your sales with video

Eclipse and Live condense photo and video creation into one solution. Capture your products in motion and always deliver a consistent customer experience.

Full creative control

Flexibly create pro-quality content. Adjust lighting, camera settings, and position via simple or manual mode and enjoy full creative control.

Third-party post-production

High content quality and auto background removal (Horizontal and Vertical) require a minimum of editing. Auto-export your content to third-party post-production services for the final touch.

Standardized workflow

Remove studio bottlenecks and unleash creativity. Loved by e-commerce brands worldwide, ProStudio frees up time by automating repetitive studio tasks.

Incredible ease of use

As easy to use as a smartphone, a single user can use the intuitive ProStudio app to control all functions, lighting, and camera via the included iPad.