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Profoto B1/B1X

Which Light Shaping Tools can I use with the B1X?
Use the dedicated OCF Light Shaping Tools or any of the Light Shaping Tools from the extensive Profoto light shaping system.
Note that Hard Box or Narrow Beam Reflectors are not recommended. They are optimized for Pro- and Acute/D4 flash heads. 

Can I travel with the B1 or B1X?
Yes, you can travel with the B1 or B1X. The battery is classified as a Li-Ion battery and is approved by airlines in most cases. You find the travel documents here: Air travel with Li-Ion batteries for B1 and B1X. 

How can I check the firmware version and which USB cable do I need to upgrade my B1?
To check the firmware version, power on the unit while pressing both the energy/settings dial and on/off buttons at the same time.
B1 requires a Mini USB cable for firmware upgrades and this is included in all B1 kits.
To access the latest free upgrades, you create your personal account on Once you have an account you can also choose to register your products and receive notifications about when new upgrades are released.

Will there be an update for the B1X to be able to operate the menu in the same increments as the B10?
No, the B1X has a fixed segment display so the design cannot be changed through an update.

I’m thinking of using the LED modeling light for video. What is the color temperature?
The battery provides 90 minutes of full power modeling light, so that’s totally possible. The LED modeling light has the same color temperature as a tungsten lamp: 3.000K.
NB. When dimmed, the LED modeling light is pulsing and this may trigger some light meters. The recommendation is to use the modeling light in full power or to turn it off when a light meter is used. 

Can I replace the flash tube myself?
Yes, you can. First you remove the glass plate. Then open the clasp that connects the flash tube to the trigger pin before pulling the flash tube straight out. Make sure that the flash tube is disconnected from the trigger pin. It is very easy, but if you feel nervous about it, take it to an authorized service station and watch how they do it. 

How many full power flashes can I get out of a single battery?
Up to 320 full power flashes or up to 80,000 flashes at lowest power 

Does the B1/B1X have HSS (High Speed Sync)?
Yes, both the B1 and the B1X has HSS.

How long does it take to fully recharge a Profoto B1X battery?
2.5 hours (1.5 hours with the optional Battery Charger 4.5A)

How can I identify the new Profoto B1X battery from the old B1 battery?
The batteries can easily be identified on the type label:
B1 battery would be PCA5287-0000, 3.0Ah
B1X battery would be PCA5287-0001, 4.7Ah

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