Profoto Extended Warranty & Profoto Maintenance | Profoto

Profoto Extended Warranty

Get extra security for your product and extend its warranty from 1 year to 5 years.  Registration and purchases must be done within 60 days of your product purchase for below to be applicable. 

Standard Warranty:

Profoto's standard warranty is 1 year. 

One extra year Warranty:

Register your product on your MyProfoto account and get a free extra year of warranty. 

Extended Warranty:
Buy 1-3 years of extended warranty to get up to a total of 5 years of warranty.

Profoto Maintenance

Included services:

  • Open up the flash and a visual check of all key component‚Äč
  • A cleaning of the inside of the Profoto flash
  • Functionality check
  • Upgrade of firmware
  • Reassemble the flash and return it to you 

After the check up, before the reassemble, your local service station gives a recommendation of needed changes of spare parts. 

*Only available for Profoto Pro-11 & Profoto D2 Industrial.