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Controllare la natura - Ritratti esterni e interni

Analisi del livello medio dei partecipanti al termine del corso.
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Informazioni su questo corso

Questo corso è in inglese.

Hannah ti insegnerà a creare meravigliose immagini dall'aspetto naturale unendo luce naturale e flash. Nel primo scenario, Hannah fotografa il proprietario di una piccola caffetteria locale. Spiega le tecniche di rimbalzo della luce con un flash on-camera e insegna a ricreare la luce del sole del mattino con le gelatine. Nel secondo scenario, in cui fotografa una blogger di fitness in un parco, puoi vedere come il flash ci consente di scattare in qualsiasi situazione e condizione metereologica. Hannah valuta cosa può fare con la luce disponibile, quindi introduce il flash per aggiungere un tocco più creativo, modificando per esempio la direzione della luce e lo sfondo.

Livello di difficoltà: Base

Durata: 56 min

Cosa ti offre questo corso

  • Corso online sul light shaping
  • Guida passo passo scaricabile
  • Insegnamento sul campo con servizi fotografici reali
  • Accesso illimitato a tutti i dispositivi
Cosa imparerai

Scopri come:

  • Usare le tecniche di riflessione con un flash on-camera
  • Simulare l'alba o il tramonto usando una gelatina CTO con il flash
  • Valutare la luce disponibile e la location migliore per gli scatti più accattivanti
  • Scegliere correttamente il tipo e la direzione della luce con il tuo flash
  • Modellare facilmente la luce con un flash off-camera
  • Controllare la luce naturale usando la velocità dell'otturatore

Di cosa puoi avere bisogno

Informazioni fondamentali

Ecco alcune informazioni utili su questo corso, compresa l'attrezzatura che consigliamo di usare. Questi sono semplici suggerimenti, non requisiti.

Attrezzatura consigliata

  • 1 x luce on e off-camera
  • 1 x ombrello o un modificatore di luce simile a scelta

Conoscenze utili

  • Livello di difficoltà: Base
    • Poca o nessuna esperienza nell'ambito dell'illuminazione off-camera
    • Perfetto per chi vuole iniziare a conoscere semplici tecniche di illuminazione
  • Livello di abilità nell'uso della fotocamera: Padronanza nella gestione della fotocamera in modalità manuale


01 febbraio, 2021


Colin verrall
24 gennaio, 2021

Excellent very clear

05 dicembre, 2020

Good but a would like to now who to use High speed shutter speed. It don't shows any were.

11 novembre, 2020

Love the kind of workflow, but she talks extremly fast so that it was sometimes hard to understand why she changes the workflow.

Roamy Fils-Aime, CPP (Beat-Mining Productions, Inc)
14 ottobre, 2020

I love the way the videos are straight to the point and the reasoning for each topic is clear and concise.

Ricky Yunata
26 giugno, 2020

Hannah explains it well on how to do an environmental portraits indoor and outdoor. Great tips and easy to follow.

Arash Beheshti
17 maggio, 2020

That was a high quality video tutorial. Thank you!

Kaye Cooksey
03 maggio, 2020

Great video

Stefano Marsili-Libelli
16 marzo, 2020

The course is simple but effective. The photographer sets her goals in very clear terms and shows how to get them through very detailed explanations. Congrats!

22 marzo, 2020

The course was ok but,... I expected more. You can get the same information for free in any YouTube channel

15 febbraio, 2020

Continue making portrait courses that allow viewers more selections; home cooking portraits in the kitchen, walking your pets, corporate, sports portraits and real estate room portraits.

Åsa Stöckel
11 febbraio, 2020

Hanna - you are the best! This is exacly the kind of pictures I want to take and you explained it perfectly! Thanks Hanna!

Ken Marks
26 febbraio, 2020

I am a Pro. Somehow I don't think this video was aimed at working pros.

No, thanks.
09 febbraio, 2020

how about to change the 2rd model as baby, this will more interesting .

08 febbraio, 2020

Key informations are missing to be able to reproduce... Like how is light measured ? Does she shoot manual or with A or S mode ? If manual, how does she determine her set ups without measuring light ?

ISA Texas
23 novembre, 2019

Good presentation. Definitely learned from her experience and the problem solving she explains. Thanks.

Mike Harding
22 settembre, 2019

I like the details and science provided by Davids courses. These felt a bit more subjective and more like the usual internet stuff than something from Profoto.

24 novembre, 2019

Fairly basic stuff, no actual focus on the flash settings

Michito Kawamura
08 luglio, 2019

The condition was too good for the video.
I would like to acquire the ability to cope with adverse conditions.

Hyrom Jones
18 maggio, 2019

I enjoyed and learnt some new skills from this Video. I enjoyed the creativity that was demonstrated in the Video and will continue to use those skills within my artistic photography activities.

Christian Weymann
09 aprile, 2019

It's an interesting course, simply explained with good examples

11 giugno, 2019

Very basic

Hyrom Jones - BOUTIQUE PHOTOGRAPHICS - Perth, Western Australia.
28 marzo, 2019

Well presented and understood. Thank you. :)

02 marzo, 2019

No English

11 marzo, 2019

The lesson was very easy to understand.

Toshiaki Takagi
23 febbraio, 2019

Thank you for the great course.
I think that drawing arrows and letters to explain the photos helps me to understand the course.

Marc Lang [fotograf-mannheim360]
10 febbraio, 2019

This course is made for everyone. Even professional photographers get inspirations for better pictures.

Chanda M. Scott
28 dicembre, 2018

It taught a lot regarding the basics of lighting. If I just implement the techniques mention in the class my skills will drastically improve.

Stephen K Mack
12 novembre, 2018

Very informative and well produced. It's a step up from similar YouTube videos to be sure.

29 gennaio, 2019

The production of this video is simply awesome, however the content was a bit lacking. Namely, there were several scenes where Hannah made adjustments to flash settings but the on-screen reading didn't give what those adjustments were. While I do understand that each scenario will be different, it's also helpful to know how Hannah handled her adjustment as a guide for the viewers/learners. I unfortunately am severely underwhelmed.

John Walton--but I am not intending these comments to be public. They are for the Profoto staff. Also, I have dot done part 3 yet. Maybe that will be more advanced, I hope.
08 dicembre, 2018

Although his course has some good information in it, I do not think it lives up to it's name-"Professional Portraits". I bought this course because I thought it was for professionals. It is really geared to those who aspire to be professional (and that's ok), but being it is my first series I purchased from Profoto, and have Profoto gear, I was expecting something more "by professionals, for professionals". That's not to say the instructor is not a professional, she is, I think it has more to do with how the course was marketed. That is evident by the quizzes. They are very "beginner" type of questions...not "professional" level.

Chris G
26 ottobre, 2018

Content good for 10 $...

20 ottobre, 2018

Be better provide english subtitle

John Jury
16 ottobre, 2018

Interesting but regret not worth £49.00

27 ottobre, 2018

Course material was too basic and I didn't really learn anything. Some of the videos could've been shorter and more to the point.

Paul Eriksson
31 luglio, 2018

I like the arrangement of the education films. That one can see and hear how you should or could plan a phto session. And that the pro photographer let me know how to think and what to look for.
Very well balanced -not too basic and not too difficult.

17 luglio, 2018

Consider mentioning the importance of white balance and using a color chip card or gray card.

Jeff M
21 giugno, 2018

Great tutorial for getting started with lighting. Love the A1 too - I ordered mine as soon as the course ended.

Ryoko Kuwamoto
07 giugno, 2018

It was very helpful.
Thank you very much.

Antuna Manu
09 aprile, 2018

Despite a small personal experience some of us can have, i found this « Live » conditions lesson truly useful and inspiring, everything was clearly detailed and explained by Hannah who’s a great teacher !

Tim Matthews
14 marzo, 2018

Extremely helpful course. I really appreciated the inclusion of the kit list upfront, through what kit to use and why throughout and the onsite workflow, trying different things to come up with just the right shot, explaining what was working and what was not, all the way through.

21 marzo, 2018

It very much depends on their skill level. It was very well done, but I felt a bit remedial. I was hoping for a little more detail.

12 febbraio, 2018

I like to framework of this class. It's direct and to the point. You are teaching valuable skills to capture standout portraits. This class helps to master the basics which are essential.

30 gennaio, 2018

Very nicely presented. Indoors and out, plus subjects who very different in looks.

13 febbraio, 2018

No further comments it was useful but could include little more about lighting positions and different light modifers

06 marzo, 2018

Great content, but would like a touch of technical.


The courses were short, and they are very clearly explained with examples, so it showed the concepts clearly

Hannah Couzens
Hannah è una ritrattista professionista pluripremiata che realizza ogni tipo di scatto, compresi primi piani aziendali, foto di nuclei familiari e di celebrità. Dirige anche un'azienda di fotografia di alta moda di grande successo nel Regno Unito e ha vinto due volte il premio Young Business Person. Hannah partecipa spesso a eventi in lingua inglese organizzati da Profoto e tiene personalmente dei seminari.

Hannah Couzens

Hannah è una ritrattista professionista pluripremiata che realizza ogni tipo di scatto, compresi primi piani aziendali, foto di nuclei familiari e di celebrità. Dirige anche un'azienda di fotografia di alta moda di grande successo nel Regno Unito e ha vinto due volte il premio Young Business Person. Hannah partecipa spesso a eventi in lingua inglese organizzati da Profoto e tiene personalmente dei seminari.

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