Profoto StyleShoots Vertical | Profoto (IT)

Drive conversion with consistent imagery

Profoto StyleShoots Vertical enables you to shoot background-free mannequin packshots and hanging flat lays. Made for fashion e-commerce, Vertical facilitates an efficient studio workflow while producing pro-quality content.

  • E-commerce packshots
  • Mannequin photography
  • Fixed camera angle
  • Helpful styling features
  • Auto background removal


  • Product number



  • Auto Alpha™

    Delete the background from your photos and delivers real alpha transparency, not just a clipping path.

  • All-in-one studio

    A setup with everything built-in saves space, hides all unecessary complexity, speeds up your workflow and ensures consistency in your output.

  • Light Controller

    Adjust the lighting by moving your finger on the iPad and instantly see the result.

  • Caddy

    Wheel your mannequins in and out of the system for a smooth workflow.

  • Filetype

    JPG, PNG, TIFF and RAW.


  • Camera System

    Canon EOS camera. Canon 70-200mm lens. Motorized Zoom.

  • Lighting

    High-CRI LED product lights fully adjustable through the iPad.

    Active LED illuminated glass backlight with black/white effect.

  • Electronics

    Apple Mac™ embedded, running the Core software.

    Apple iPad™ running the native iOS controller app.

    Custom electronics controlling the Camera, Zoom and Lighting.


  • Core

    The Core runs all image processing tasks, controls the camera, dims the backlight and orchestrates the lights.

  • iPad app

    The iOS app ensures a robust and fluid control of all StyleShoots features.

  • Drive

    Share files on your company network with StyleShoots Drive or save to USB.


  • Height

    260 cm / 8’ 6”

  • Width

    205 cm / 6’ 9”

  • Length

    410 cm / 13’ 5”

For fashion photography at scale


Style your product on a mannequin for invisible man packshots or arrange your item on a hanger.


Rely on personalized lighting presets to achieve consistent background-free product images.


Easily operated by one person, you’re able to shoot high-resolution packshots at the push of a button.


Seamlessly export your visuals in different output formats for e-commerce, social media, and more.

ProStudio for capture

ProStudio for capture is the beating heart of our automated studio solutions and is accessible via the system's iPad app. Control all functions, lighting, and camera with incredible ease of use. 

Photo and video presets

Customizable presets save consistent angles and lighting. Preconfigure name, aspect ratio, framings, and more according to your style guide needs.

Efficient file management

Use the barcode scanner to automatically name and file your products. ProStudio offers smart file management options that fit your infrastructure.

Flexible framings

Predefine fully customizable camera positions in your photo and video presets. Save time and effort while creating consistent-looking product content.

Boost your sales with video

Eclipse and Live condense photo and video creation into one solution. Capture your products in motion and always deliver a consistent customer experience.

Full creative control

Flexibly create pro-quality content. Adjust lighting, camera settings, and position via simple or manual mode and enjoy full creative control.

Third-party post-production

High content quality and auto background removal (Horizontal and Vertical) require a minimum of editing. Auto-export your content to third-party post-production services for the final touch.

Standardized workflow

Remove studio bottlenecks and unleash creativity. Loved by e-commerce brands worldwide, ProStudio frees up time by automating repetitive studio tasks.

Incredible ease of use

As easy to use as a smartphone, a single user can use the intuitive ProStudio app to control all functions, lighting, and camera via the included iPad.

Trusted by e-commerce brands worldwide

Made for e-commerce

Produce standardized packshots at scale. Vertical’s magnetic docking station for mannequins allows for highly repeatable results.

Speed up your workflow

Capture background-free packshots at incredible speed. With Vertical’s seamless export process your product is online in no time.

Consistent content

Shoot consistent mannequin images over time thanks to customizable lighting presets, smart styling features, and a fixed camera angle.

Get to know Vertical in 2 minutes Walkthrough Vertical
Get to know Vertical in 2 minutes

Walkthrough Vertical