How to set up your “My Profoto” account
Visit profoto.com/register-account to register an account for My Profoto.

I can’t change or reset my password.
Make sure that you enter the e-mail address connected to your My Profoto account and that it is spelled correctly. If you still have problem resetting your password, report the issue to web@profoto.com. 

Is "product X" compatible with my camera?
You can find compatible camera brands and models under the Profoto A1 and each Air Remote’s technical specification. Note that additional camera models might work just fine but have not been tested yet.

Is the Profoto A1 and Profoto Air Remote TTL compatible with Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7?
Based on initial limited testing, it seems that Profoto A1 and Profoto Air Remote TTL for Nikon will be compatible with Nikon Z6 and Z7. We will communicate more information after completing full-scale testing.

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