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How to master food photography with a smartphone

25 maggio, 2020

Scritto da: Profoto

Do you want to learn how to create a photo of your food that really captures the way it looked, smelled and felt when you ate it? Here are photographer Anders Hannola's tips on how you can create a more interesting food image with your smartphone and Profoto C1 Plus.

Step 1. Set your Profoto camera app to a white balance below 4000 Kelvin in order to create a feeling of blue hour light. 

Step 2. Underexpose the image by pulling down the exposure. This will add a bit more drama to the image. 

Step 3. Bounce a Profoto C1 Plus against a large white surface like a wall, piece of paper or cardboard. This will create a larger light source, resulting in a softer light. 

Step 4. Keep adjusting the white balance until you get the blue tone you want in the image. 

Step 5. Add a second C1 Plus with a full CTO (orange) filter from a different angle. This will create a feeling of warm sunlight coming in.  

To create more depth to the image, obstruct the warm light from the second C1 Plus with something like leaves or cables to create some scattered shadows.

Scritto da: Profoto