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Studio Azap is a one-stop-shop for visual e-commerce content 

02 4月, 2023

執筆者:: Annabelle Plueckthun

How the French content creation studio uses Profoto automated systems with the Pixelz post-production integration to cater to its customers’ needs. 

Founded in 2018 and located in the heart of Paris, Studio Azap is an e-commerce content creation studio transforming how its customers showcase their products online. Using automated Profoto systems combined with Pixelz post-production services, Azap produces high-quality product images and videos that help brands stand out in the competitive e-commerce landscape. We talked to Romain Viano, owner of Studio Azap, about how the studio leverages innovative tools to drive customer success and establish itself in the content creation space. 

Azap is a one-stop-shop for visual e-commerce content 

Having worked in the photography industry for a decade, Romain was well-versed in content creation when he founded studio Azap in 2018. The main idea behind the studio was to provide smaller fashion brands access to high-quality photography technology that was previously only available to larger players in the industry. Azap offers a comprehensive solution from A to Z, which they do asap, living up to their name. The studio provides a range of services, from self-service rental with à-la-carte add-ons to full-service, making it a one-stop-shop for all visual e-commerce content needs. 

Catering to the content needs of fashion brands 

Studio Azap's customer base consists of small to medium-sized fashion brands that make up 60% of their clientele. Flexibility is the most critical aspect of their content creation. Another 30% are big brands or online retailers prioritizing productivity and consistency in their content solutions. The studio also attracts 10% of non-fashion brands drawn to the freedom from technical details that Studio Azap provides, allowing them to focus on their creative vision.

Automated Profoto systems connect to all these needs: flexibility, productivity, consistency, and freedom for creativity. “Clients sometimes feel apprehension toward technology. We hear phrases like 'this is the end of photographers,’” states Romain. “We have to explain it is the complete opposite. During a packshot or e-commerce shoot, the stylist is the most important person. With Profoto's automated systems, the stylist can take on the repetitive photography work, resulting in cost savings for the brands that can be reinvested in creative campaigns led by talented photographers.”

Using Profoto systems in the studio is a no-brainer

“With the help of Profoto's automated systems, even brands with just one item to shoot can get a professional photo or video at an affordable price in just a matter of minutes,” says Romain. This has changed the game for many brands, allowing them to reduce their product cycles and shoot smaller quantities more frequently, all while maintaining the same level of professionalism and consistency. Using Eclipse and Live enables Azap’s clients to keep their preferred settings from one shooting to another, while using template overlays on Horizontal and Vertical helps ensure consistency in their shoots. 

For Romain, using Profoto systems in the studio was a no-brainer, “Profoto systems allow a clean working environment. The lighting can be set to stay the same from one shooting to another, and there’s no need to spend time recreating the same setup.” The systems help him to cater to his customers' needs in the most efficient way possible, “Everything is designed to save time – scanning barcodes to name images, overlays to keep consistency, and saving our clients' presets and framings. And the image quality is stunning! It’s efficient, reliable, and fast.”

Profoto and Pixelz bridge the gap between the system and the delivery to the customer 

To optimize the content creation process for their customers, the Azap team uses the Profoto Pixelz integration. The Pixelz upload service directly integrates with the export workflow of our automated systems, making it quick and easy to get your content the final polish. Pixelz uses a unique AI workflow to ensure quick, high-quality content editing. Seamlessly integrated into all automated Profoto systems, the post-production process is incredibly fast and easy, enabling turnaround times of as little as one hour. 

“It just works – what else to say? It’s a great example of how different technologies and services can work together seamlessly to improve a workflow,” says Romain. For him, the post-production integration was the missing link between the systems and the content delivery to the client. “You can export directly to Pixelz or your drive, so you never miss the original files in case you need them,” Romain says. "The fact that it’s integrated means you don’t need to re-upload your content via a sometimes busy network to Pixelz. That’s a real time-saver and it’s scalable!”

Using the Pixelz configurator, Romain set up his account with all desired specifications for his customers – from margins over background colors to editing preferences. The folder structure selected on the Profoto automated solution then automatically triggers the correct post-production script connected to the respective brand’s style guide. “It’s convenient to use. No need to spend hours knowing how it works. You just export to Pixelz and they handle the post-production.” Connecting different style guides makes the Pixelz integration perfect for content studios that shoot lots of content. “No matter the quantity, you can rely on Pixelz.”

執筆者:: Annabelle Plueckthun