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YY Nation creates a seamless customer journey using Profoto

25 10月, 2022

執筆者:: Annabelle Plueckthun

YY Nation is a New Zealand-based sustainable footwear brand with the desire to transform the shoe world and the way footwear is made.

Back in 2008, Founding Director Jeremy Bank decided that something must change in the way we do things. Since then, the brand works with sustainable materials and recycled components that are kinder to our earth.

YY Nation is working with Eclipse, our go-to solution for images and videos of shoes and smaller objects. 


“We are conscious of how we bring things into the world but more careful of what we leave behind.”

YY or “Waewae” in Te Reo Maori - the first language of the Aotearoa New Zealand - means foot or footprint. Kim Faiga, YY Nation’s general manager, talked to Asset Factory about leaving a positive environmental footprint and the brand’s approach to using content across various channels. 

Smart all-in-one solutions to elevate your visual content to the next level

When looking for solutions for their content creation needs, the YY nation team chose our creative partners at Asset Factory in Auckland, New Zealand. Using our smart all-in-one content solutions, the team at Asset Factory was able to challenge and help the footwear brand in elevating its visual output to the next level.


A seamless customer experience from social media to e-commerce

Consistency is key. Creating a consistent customer journey across platforms makes or breaks the success of retailers and brands. Ensuring a smooth customer experience is not only important when it comes to your product listing pages. Enabling your audience to seamlessly transition between your social media channels and e-commerce platform is key to increase your brand awareness and boost conversions.

With the help of Profoto, the team around Kim was able to create a seamless customer experience between online platforms. From social media to e-commerce and enriched with various kinds of content, YY Nation customers are bound to embark on an immersive customer journey. 

Crisp product close-ups to highlight your competitive advantage

Creating their footwear, YY Nation questions every part of the shoe to see whether there are other materials made from natural or recycled components that would do a job just as good or even better than synthetics.  

Building their brand around using 100% sustainable materials for their footwear, it’s key to fully convey the natural product features and fabric textures in their product photography and videography. Pineapple leather, recycled ocean plastic, and sugar cane or algae are just some of the great materials used for the YY Nation shoe collection. Showing crisp fabric close-ups of the super soft merino wool upper next to the smooth woven bamboo one is fundamental for customers to find out which shoe suits their needs. 

Eclipse was created with shoes and smaller objects in mind. It perfectly captures different materials and surfaces, enabling customers to distinguish what works for them and their needs. Using highly sustainable, innovative materials, YY Nation can showcase their competitive advantage to the audiences on their website and social media.

Underline your product features with smart set design

Be it for your product detail pages, campaign imagery, or playful social media content - creativity and set design opportunities are endless. For a consistent brand image, your set design should underline and highlight the aspects of your products in the best way. 

YY Nation builds their brand around recycled, natural, and sustainable materials - their set design supports that. Choosing muted colors and natural beige, grey or green shades, works well to underline the natural background of the footwear. Artificial grass further supports this aspect, adds another kind of texture to the set, and is simply fun to play around with. 

Using Eclipse, you can easily switch around different backdrops and props in just minutes. Offering full access, you can open all four doors of the machine and arrange your set at an ergonomic working height.

Do you need some more inspiration on creative set design for your products? Maybe you’ll get inspired by our video tutorial on easy, creative DIY set design here.

執筆者:: Annabelle Plueckthun