Andrew Hancock Travels Light With the New Profoto B2 to Vatnajökull Glacier | Profoto (JP)

Andrew Hancock Travels Light With the New Profoto B2 to Vatnajökull Glacier

11 3月, 2015

執筆者:: Rebecca Ahremark

Photographer Andrew Hancock has made his living being on the road and on location. He is always up for the challenge when it comes to finding new exciting places to visit. For most of his trips, Andrew is used to travelling with heavy and bulking equipment. This trip to Island was different. Why? He had brought the new and lightweight Profoto B2 Off-Camera Flash with him.


The trip to the Vatnajökull Glacier wasn’t going to be easy. The weather was brutal with hard winds and shut down roads. But Andrew and his team knew they had to get the shot regardless of the weather.

“I like a proper challenge and I really was curious to see how the B2 would perform in the elements,” writes Andrew on his blog. “Additionally, the windows to shoot the two portraits were the two last shoot days of the trip.”



Andrew had packed his bag with the new B2 Off-Camera Flash with two heads and the new OCF Light Shaping Tools, including the OCF Octa Softbox 2′ with a Softgrid, the OCF Barndoor and the OCF Grid Kit. Everything was synced and wireless controlled from his Air Remote TTL-N mounted on his Nikon camera.

So, did the new B2 live up to Andrew’s expectations?

“I was incredibly impressed with the B2. Will it become part of my location kit? Damn straight,” he writes.

Happy to hear that, Andrew!

This is just a selection of images and an excerpt of Andrew’s article. For the full story, head over to his blog.

You will also find him on his websiteTwitterFacebook and Instagram.

If you want to learn more about the the B2 and the new Off-Camera Flash system, click here.



執筆者:: Rebecca Ahremark