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Joe McNally’s meeting with mermaids

30 1月, 2015

執筆者:: Rebecca Ahremark

Joe McNally has a Bucket List. You know, that list where’s you cross of things you want to achieve in your life. And Joe sure has some different topics written on it. Shooting mermaids for instance.

Just outside of Tampa, Florida lies Weeki Wachee Springs, also known as the City of Live Mermaids, a family oriented park with mermaids who swim in a pool of water. Thanks to the help of Scott Kelby and his team, whos office is very close to it, Joe McNally was able to do a photoshoot there.


He brought about 10.000 watt seconds of Profoto flashes and lined them up at the windows.

“Almost all the light is coming from the theater, which is camera left. I’m triggering all the flashes from an on camera underwater flash, which in turn is triggering another trigger flash, which in turn is triggering the dry land power packs which is in turn triggering the hand held Sea & Sea Pro flash that Cali is literally floating around with.”, he writes.

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執筆者:: Rebecca Ahremark