Kohsaku Hoshino Catches a Jumping Motorcycle Rider Midair with the B1 Off-camera Flash

30 1月, 2014

執筆者:: Fredrik Franzén

We’ve already posted behind-the-scenes videos with the B1 off-camera flash shot in Italy, the US, France and Spain. Now add to that a Japanese video, featuring a jumping motorcycle rider caught midair.

The motorcycle rider in question is professional stunt rider Hiroyuki Ogawa, and the man behind the camera is Japanese photographer Kohsaku Hoshino, using two bare-headed B1s to freeze the action.

“There are a number of reasons why I choose to work with the B1 on this shoot,” says Hoshino. “Shooting on-location meant that I needed a battery-powered flash. I also knew that having a completely cordless flash would make things a lot easier when Ogawa was riding his bike back and forth. Last but not least, I needed speed and power to be freeze the action.”

The final shots from the shoot can be found below.

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執筆者:: Fredrik Franzén