Neil van Niekerk Shoots a Vintage Motorbike in an Alley | Profoto (JP)
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Neil van Niekerk Shoots a Vintage Motorbike in an Alley

25 9月, 2013

執筆者:: Fredrik Franzén

Ok, so it is not the first time we highlight a post on Neil van Niekerk‘s wonderful blog, but as long as he keeps serving us gems such as this, we will happily pass them along to you guys.


This time Neil takes us behind the scenes of a recent shot for his upcoming book on portrait photography 60 Portraits.

“I photographed a few sequences of John and Barbara with this motorbike, using different setups,” writes Neil. “I liked this dramatic series the most, with the light from behind casting a shadow in front of them. I wanted the light to etch the frame of the motorbike and side-car, without revealing too much detail – I wanted this to be a portrait of John and Barbara.”

Neil needed only two lights to achieve this effect: an AcuteB2 equipped with a Magnum Reflector and a D1 equipped with a Softbox RFi 3×4′.

Head over to Neil’s blog to learn how he did it. You won’t regret it.

執筆者:: Fredrik Franzén