Walk Through a Wedding, Part 13: Shooting the Wedding Dance | Profoto (JP)
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Walk Through a Wedding, Part 13: Shooting the Wedding Dance

04 9月, 2014

執筆者:: Fredrik Franzén

Walk Through a Wedding is a yearlong video series on wedding photography, in which we follow Justin & Mary Marantz as they set out to capture a young couple’s most special day.

The series consists of 20 videos. Each video reveals the story and the lighting setup behind a certain image. In the thirteenth episode, Justin & Mary talk about how they capture the lucky couple’s dance.

“We said: what if we could get images from the guests perspective, as if the photographer wasn’t even there that day, but also, at the same time, get images that those guest could never get,” says Mary.

So how do they do that? Well, the short answer is that they put a powerful flash in off to the side of the room and a diffuser, so that they get a soft and even light spread that blends nicely with the ambient light.

Click play to dive a bit more into the details.

Previous episodes of Walk Through a Wedding can be found here. The next video will be released on September 15.

執筆者:: Fredrik Franzén