Profoto Live - Creative Gels | Profoto (JP)

Profoto Live - Creative Gels


Join Profoto product expert Chris Fain as he uses gels to create a dynamic portrait.

Lighting setup

ISO 160

Power output
A10 with Clic Grid 10° and 20° 9.0
B10 Plus with OCF II Gel - Blue 7.0
B10 with OCF II Barndoors and OCF II Gel - Jade 7.0

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Products used in this video

Profoto B10 & B10 Plus

Profoto A10

Air Remote TTL

Profoto Clic グリッド

OCF II バーンドア

OCF II カラーフィルター

OCF II グリッド&カラーフィルターホルダー