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Profoto Live with Jesper Grønnemark

20 5월, 2021

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Do you want to create sharp action shots without having to compromise on your creative freedom? Action photographer Jesper Grønnemark shows you how in this Profoto Live. Watch the recording of this session to join him on his latest photo shoot with street football player Anusha Samia; learn how he creatively captures motion on location and in his studio.

Capture powerful sports photography in any location

In this session you get to meet Jesper Grønnemark live, tag along on his latest sports photo shoot and find out how he captures two completely different action shots with Profoto B1X. Tune in to find out what’s in Jesper’s f-stop bag, learn his top lighting techniques and get the answers to all your questions live.

Meet the photographer

Jesper is an award-winning action and sports photographer who has his home base in Copenhagen, Denmark, but he has been travelling the world for the past 10 years to shoot sports for advertising and editorial customers, as well as events. Jesper is a Red Bull Photographer, f-stop ambassador and his Profoto gear is his loyal companion on any shoot. He finds his inspiration in athletes’ strive to accomplish perfection and reflects it in his outstanding work.  


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