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Extended warranty terms

Extended Warranty 

In addition to the 1-year limited warranty and subject to the terms and conditions set out below, Profoto hereby offers the customer the option to purchase an extended limited warranty (the “Extended Warranty”). The option to purchase the Extended Warranty must be exercised within sixty (60) days of the purchase of the product The Extended Warranty is governed by the terms and conditions of the 1-year limited warranty.  

The Extended Warranty may be acquired for the following time periods and remuneration: 

One (1) year Received for free if the user registers their product and owner related information 

Two (2) years 

Three (3) years 

Four (4) years 

The Extended Warranty term begins on the first day after the 1-year limited warranty term has expired. 

To the extent permitted by local law the following is valid regarding transferability of warranty.  

If the extended warranty is received for free at no cost, it is non-transferable and is only valid in relation to the original purchaser of the applicable product. 

If the extended warranty has been paid for the full warranty period, including the first years received for free, are transferable and warranty is valid in relation to any subsequent purchaser of the applicable product for the duration of the Extended Warranty.