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Profoto — the light shaping company

A commitment to light shaping excellence today, and tomorrow.

With a commitment to light shaping excellence today and tomorrow, Profoto is more than a brand and more than the world-leading light shaping products we make.

Billions of images are captured daily. And at Profoto, we dedicate ourselves to making every one of them the best it can be by helping the creator bring the very best quality of light to it. So, you could say, our commitment to light shaping excellence is total.

Our founders imprinted that dedication and passion upon our DNA from the very beginning.  Fifty years ago, Conny Dufgran and Eckhard Heine resolved to make the very best flash for the very best photographers, and they succeeded. That’s a standard that we don’t only aim to maintain, but to surpass.

Today, we continue to innovate with world-leading lights and light-shaping tools. But we also create the leading-edge technology that connects camera, app, and light seamlessly and invisibly, making light more accessible to everyone passionate about creating amazing images now, and in the future.

Because we believe that, no matter what the situation, and no matter what camera you use - light is the indispensable heart of all image creation. And the ability to use and shape light is directly linked to the ability to create amazing photographs.

That core principle is the key to enabling a world filled with incredible images and the purpose of every single light shaping tool we make for the world’s best photographers - and those who aspire to be.

Company facts

Anders Hedebark

Sundbyberg, Stockholm

Stockholm, New York, Haarlem, Tokyo and Shanghai


Our products

Our products are used by some of the best photographers in the world.