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New to Profoto

Welcome to the world of light shaping

Since 1968, the world’s best photographers have been using our lights and light shaping tools to create stunning, iconic images.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology that seamlessly connects camera, software, and light - we’re making light more accessible to photographers and brands that are passionate about creating amazing images now, and in the future.

Because, at Profoto, our mission is to push the boundaries, make the best products and technology, and share our knowledge to inspire all those passionate about creating great images.

Photo: Håvard Nesbø

What do I need to get started

Select a light and the compatible light shaping tools of your preference. There are over 150 Light Shaping Tools to choose from, but you can start simple. Choose a remote to trigger the light from your camera, or you can choose a smartphone studio light, download the Profoto Camera app and connect. You are now ready to start experimenting with shaping light and create exquisite images. As you advance, keep adding products to your kit. This is the beauty of the Profoto system – endless lighting possibilities.

4 reasons why photographers all over the world use our products

Intuitive: Profoto doesn’t do complicated. That’s why you’ll find our products easy to set up and simple to use.

Reliable: Our products will never let you down, and they are built to last, making them a great investment.

Innovative: Smart design based on 50 years of research, user insight, original thinking and pioneering ideas.

Built for you: Everything from how a knob feels to how a beep sounds is designed to make your job as a photographer easier.

Profoto - the light shaping company

You can find Profoto products at dealers and rentals worldwide. We also offer local service in many markets.

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For the photographer who wants to start to shape light

Get natural-looking, beautiful light quickly and easily with the A-series flashes. These flashes are made for photography on the go and for being creative. Trust that they will enhance any natural light setting and scene.

Profoto A10

Profoto A2

Profoto Connect Pro

For the on-location photographer

Choose between our B10-series flashes – big lights in small packages, and the B1X – an on-location icon among photographers worldwide. Portable solutions for photographers on the move.

Profoto B10X & B10X Plus

Profoto B1X

Profoto Connect Pro

Umbrella Deep Silver

OCF Beauty Dish White

For the studio photographer

With the Pro-D3, you are always up to speed. Built with state-of-the-art components, this monolight excels in high-volume production environments.


Profoto Pro-D3

Profoto Connect Pro

RFi Softbox Rectangular

Soft Zoom Reflector

Soft Zoom Diffuser

TeleZoom Reflector

For the demanding studio photographer

The Pro-11 represents our state-of-the-art pack; the to-go tool for high-end studio shoots, available for rent worldwide.

Profoto Pro-11

ProHead Plus

Profoto Connect Pro

For e-commerce visual content production

For fast-paced, high-volume studios, Profoto e-commerce studio solutions enable you to drastically increase your studio output.

Profoto Pro-11

Profoto D2

Profoto StyleShoots Live

Profoto StyleShoots Vertical

Profoto StyleShoots Horizontal

What’s light shaping?

We believe light is the essence of every image. The word “photography” literally means painting with light. Our products allow photographers to do exactly that – paint with light and create images rather than just capture what is already there. We call this “light shaping.”

Tell me more

Light shaping will change the way you think about photography, and the creative possibilities are limitless. It’s easy to get started. You can use any available light source to light a subject in diverse ways. At Profoto, we don’t do complicated, and you will find our products easy to set up and simple to use. With advancement in technology, such as TTL, you can point and shoot to get the right exposure every time. And if you head over to Profoto Stories, you’ll find inspiring stories and useful tips from famous photographers on how to get great shots.

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Learn more

At Profoto, we want to help image creators who are passionate about their craft and excited to take their imagination to new heights with light. That’s why we created Profoto Academy. It’s a series of online courses led by some of the best instructors out there; designed to educate, enable and inspire aspiring photographers at the beginning of their creative journey.

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