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Keep Moving With the Profoto B2 & Siddharth Sharma

10 December, 2015

Written by: Jens-Linus Lundgren-Widén

We claim that the Profoto B2 is a portable flash that allows you to keep moving. But to prove it, we encourage photographers to share their best on-location shots on Instagram. Out of the many stunning images we have seen, we have now selected one and asked the photographer behind it to reveal how it was shot.


Wedding photographer, and former software engineer, Siddharth Sharma had no intention to go pro. Photography was just a hobby. The only project he committed to was documenting his friend’s son growing up. However, for each image he shot, the urge to turn his hobby into his profession grew stronger and stronger. Finally, in early 2014 he decided to become a fulltime wedding photographer.

This particular wedding shot was done in a vintage furniture store in Hyderabad, India. The shoot took place during the store’s opening ours. Siddharth was not allowed to use any stands, as the store manager felt that the stands would distract his customers. In other words, Siddharth needed a portable lighting solution.

“In fact, most all my shoots are done on location, so portability is always on top of my mind, says Siddharth.”


Furthermore, the shoot had to be over in less than an hour and the location didn’t offer much light of its own, so he had to rely on his off-camera flash to create the look and feel he was after.

“The store was poorly lit and had almost no natural light, says Siddharth. The light fell from the top and created harsh shadows on my subjects’ faces.”

Siddharth solved this problem by using a single B2 Head with an OCF Softbox 2? Octa, held very close to the subjects. This way he managed to achieve what he considers to be his signature look – an image on the edge of reality where the visuals are realistic but hard to believe.

“I am drawn to things that are dreamy and magical and strive to achieve the same look and feel in my photographs, says Siddharth.”


“Light is obviously the most important aspect in achieving this. But it’s also the most challenging aspect to control as there are multiple parameters other than quantity that you have to keep in mind – quality, direction, color, etcetera. A slightest variation can change the whole mood of the photograph. So when choosing lighting equipment, it all boils down to the amount of control they provide me with.”

The Gear

1 x B2 Off-Camera Flash (2 x Heads)
1 x OCF Softbox 2? Octa
1 x OCF Speedring

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Written by: Jens-Linus Lundgren-Widén