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Profoto Pro-11

1. Can I use Profoto Pro-11 with any Profoto on-camera trigger or remote?
Yes. The Pro-11 comes with Profoto AirX – Profoto latest generation of wireless connectivity. One of the benefits of AirX is that you can use all wireless functionality with any existing Profoto remote. A future benefit is that all AirX enabled products are designed to be easy to update with new connected functionality in the next generation of Profoto remotes.  

2. Can I connect and use the Pro-11 with all Profoto smartphone apps? 
The Pro-11 comes with Profoto AirX – Profoto latest generation of wireless connectivity. One of the core benefits of AirX is that you can connect Pro-11 to any of Profoto cameras and control apps via Bluetooth. 

3. Is there a Profoto app available that allows me to control the Pro-11 from a tablet or PC?
Although it is currently not available, we welcome your ideas and suggestions to

4. What improvements does the Pro-11 have vs Pro-10 apart from the AirX connectivity?
The Pro-11 is also internally reinforced to be even more robust and reliable in the most challenging commercial applications. The user interface and menus have been redesigned to be cleaner and easier to navigate while also being adaptable to future functionality updates.

5. Why don´t you offer firmware updates to be downloaded through the Profoto website as you do for other products?
We have moved Pro-11 update to the Profoto apps for an even smoother process. Through the apps, we will be able to notify you the instant a new firmware becomes available and you would be able to update directly via Bluetooth.

6. Why do I have to register my Pro-11 at first use?
By registering we would be able to notify you on the latest firmware updates and always have the best performance and product compatibility of your Pro-11. 

7. What happens if a firmware update fails?
If a firmware update fails, repeat the process. Restart your Pro-11, delete and reinstall the Profoto app and ensure that you have an internet connection. If trying again doesn’t work, please contact us to and we will assist you as soon as possible.

8. How long is Pro-11 warranty for?
Pro-11 comes with a 1-year warranty on purchase. Get an extra year of warranty free of charge by registering your Pro-11 via your Profoto App.

9. Can I purchase a warranty extension for my Profoto Pro-11?
Yes, you can buy 1-3 years of extended warranty. Read more about Profoto Extended Warranty here.

10. Which heads are recommended for Pro-11?
The recommended standard head is ProHead Plus. Also, you can use any of the heads for studio packs that are listed on Note that other heads can have individual heat limitations. Contact a Profoto sales representative for detailed advice for your application.

11. Which Profoto light shaping tools are recommended for ProHead Plus?
All RFi Softboxes. All umbrellas. All metal reflectors except OCF Magnum and OCF Zoom which are both designed for flat front heads. Other OCF light shapers are not recommended due to heat restraints. 

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