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How to create a cinematic portrait

15 mei, 2020

Geschreven door: Profoto

To create a cinematic feeling in images and videos, photographers and cinematographers often work with complementary colors: two colors opposite each other on the color wheel that complement each other. For this portrait, Kai Böttcher used blue and orange gels to create the movie-like look. Here’s how he did it.

Step 1: Mount a blue color gel on one Profoto A1X and an orange gel on the other Profoto A1X.

Step 2: Place one A1X approximately 45 degrees behind your model on the right side and the other one with the same angle on the left side, in front of the model.

Step 3. Use the Profoto Air Remote TTL or Profoto Connect to trigger your off-camera flash.

Enhance the blacks slightly in post processing for an even more cinematic look

Geschreven door: Profoto

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