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I can't find firmware updates for my product on your website.
You will find available firmware updates for the product(s) you registered in your My Profoto account. To access firmware updates for a product, you need to first register it in My Profoto. Note that there may be no available updates for some products.

I can’t update my product. What should I do?
More details are provided in the Firmware Upgrade Troubleshooting FAQ document bundled with the Firmware.

Where can I find firmware updates and how do I download them?
Create a My Profoto account, register your product and you will have access to firmware updates from there.

Which products are compatible with the Profoto studio 3?
All supported flashes are listed in the User Guide which comes with the software download.

How to download firmware
See instructions under the My Profoto section on Profoto.com. 

Installing firmware
See instruction under the My Profoto section of the profoto.com website.

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