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How to create a beauty portrait indoors

28 мая, 2020

Автор:: Profoto

Emily Dahl's client was looking for a romantic beauty portrait in a luxury hotel room in Stockholm. To give the client what she wanted, Emily combined warm continuous light with flash. Here are Emily's tips on how to create a beauty portrait indoors.

Step 1: Place a Profoto B10 Plus in the back and let the warm continuous light in the background hit the model from behind. 

Step 2: Add a Profoto B10 with an OCF Softbox Octa in the front to light the model and get a beautiful soft light on her face and body. 

Step 3: Spray water in the background while letting the flash freeze it and capture an amazing image. 

Tip: You can easily match the natural light in the scene by switching the adjustable color temperature control on the continuous light.

Автор:: Profoto

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