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How to create clamshell lighting

18 мая, 2020

Автор:: Profoto

Clamshell lighting can be used to illuminate the subject by using two frontal light sources in order to minimize shadows and create a glowing effect. Here are Hannah Couzens' best tips of how to create it yourself.

Hannah's light setup: Profoto D2 and two modifiers, RFI Softbox Octa and a Collapsible Reflector White.

Step 1: Place the Profoto D2 in a butterfly position to create subtle sculpting to the face and cheekbones, and position it straight in front of the model.

Step 2: Raise it up to the height when the shadows appear under the nose (halfway between the nose and the upper lip), chin and cheekbones. 

Step 3: Add a reflector underneath the model's face to even out the light from above.

Choose a color for the reflector that doesn’t create a distracting bottom catchlight in your model´s eyes. For this image, Hannah was using a white one.

Автор:: Profoto

Использующиеся продукты

Софтбокс Octa RFi

Идеально подойдет для съемки мягких портретов

Складной рефлектор золотистый/белый

Светоформирующий инструмент для отражения вспышки и солнечного света